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Whale Evolution

A timeline of whales

Claudia Contreras

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of Whale Evolution

Pakicetus 50 mya Mesonychids 60-37 mya Ambulocetus 48 mya Rodhocetus 47.5 mya Dorudon 36 mya Basilosaurus 34 mya This whale ate meat
and looked like a wolf
and it lived in the sea and
land. The pakicetus also
looked like a wolf
and had 4 feet. It lived
on the shores of central
Asia. The ambulocetus
had sharp teeth
and lives in shallow
waters. The rodhocetus had
a narrow snout and
lived in deep ocean. The dorudon had
very sharp teeth
and was much like
a land animal. The basilosaurus lived
in shallow waters like
the ambulocetus. It had
flippers too. Whale Evolution
by Claudia Contreras
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