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Case Study on Micromax

No description

Vikram Makwana

on 1 August 2014

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Transcript of Case Study on Micromax

Case Study on Micromax
Key People in Micromax
(CEO) – Deepak Mehrotra
(CMO) – Shubhodip pal

(Smart phone business head) – Ajay Sharma

(Feature phone business head) – Khaja muzafarullah

(International business head) – Amit mathur
Founders of Micromax
Working Place of micromax
Micromax Entered in TABLET Industry
Launched funbook on April 3, 2012, an android 4.0 ice cream sandwich tablet with 7- inch capacitive display.

Micromax has launched the Canvas Tab P650 Android tablet. Making it the first tablet in the canvas series.

Tablet market with a share of 18.4 per cent, ahead of veterans Samsung and Apple.

Micromax in TV Market
Micromax come in television market with the launch of LED TV 24-inch to 55-inch range.
Micromax has set up a one lakh square feet manufacturing.

It has production capacity of 2,000 LED per day.

Led TV of 24 inch from micromax market price ₹ 15,990 and full HD smart TV 55 inch ₹ 1,29,990 .

Product Line of Micromax
Micromax is an Indian  consumer electronics company . It is a private limited company.

12th largest mobile handset manufacturer in the World.

Micromax started it’s journey as a software company since 1999, located in Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

In 2008, it entered mobile handset business.

It has become The largest Indian domestic mobile handsets company in 2010.
Percentage of Market Share
Micromax sells around
1.3 million (13 lakh)
mobiles handsets every month, with a presence in more than 500 districts through
100,000 retail outlets
in India.

Revenue $626 million (Rs. 4200cr)
30 DAYS, battery backup mobile, add Micromax states,
Micromax is one of the leading Indian Telecom Company.
23-domestic offices across the country and international offices in Hong Kong, it has around 1900 employees.
Data Card
Mobile Phone
SWOT Analysis of Micromax
Strengths :
Low cost of production.

handsets up to 30 days long battery backup in mobile handset.

It has provide full HD/3D display in TV and mobile.

Aspirational qwerty keypad handset.

Operating 3G handsets in segment.

Weakness :
Micromax has still not been able to establish itself well in the urban market.

Micromax has a manufacturing unit set up in china which has sink the name of micromax.

Total turnover is less than Samsung.

It has much not good brand value the customer mind as it’s competitors have.

Opportunity :
Since Micromax has not yet entered urban market, it has a very huge opportunity to establish itself in urban market.

Micromax has capacity to make production at global stage. it establishes itself in the domestic market.

It should entered in laptop/computer market.

Threats :
Micromax faces a tough competition from these players Samsung, Sony etc.

Micromax’s business model has been replicated by many new players which again pose a threat to Micromax.

Customer assumes it’s product as china product.

Strategies of Micromax
Currently Micromax is dominating the rural market. They are basically catering to the need of the customers of the rural area.

It’s market strategy is to improve the visibility in the urban markets also building brand image.

low-cost QWERTY phones, universal remote control and gaming phones. it is coming out with new models,

It’s Strategy focuses on innovating, designing and using the latest technologies to develop products at affordable prices. 

Objectives :
Focus on urban market specially youth 18-25 years

As smart phone is going to be the future of mobile market, Micromax has started focusing on smart phones as well as tablets

On capturing major share of urban youth market, for next two years Micromax needs to focus on urban market at large

Focus on expand to international markets and enter into neighboring Indian countries, south African countries etc.

Micromax aims to be a company with a double digit market share by 2014,
Comparison between Micromax & Samsung Mobile :
Financial View :
on March 31, 2013, the Micromax logged in a record Rs 3,168 crore in sales revenues for the financial year 2012-13

Rahul sharma threw in a fresh target - Rs 2,000 crore revenues in a quarter, in FY 2013-14
Brand ambesder Of Micromax
Akshay Kumar
(Bollywood Actor)

Hugh Jackman
(Hollywood Actor )

Micromax has great vision to make company in top mobile company in India.
Also Company has to plan to develop different electronic product.
Micromax has identify the customer needs and wants.
Company has to produce more innovative products which affordable to any kind of customers.
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