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The Native Americans

No description

Zhane Taylor-Watson

on 21 February 2017

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Transcript of The Native Americans

The Native Americans
Aspect of life
Chiefs ruled villages sometimes cheifs were women
survived from fishing hunting bears, deers and turkeys
farmed corn, tobacco,and sunflowers
traded thier surplus with other tribes
Indians from as far as New York traded with the Anacostin at Nacotchanke
The Africans
Most of the Africans were slaves the Children of these black workers were slaves as well.
By 1770 40 percent of Maryland and Virginia population was black, Being an african was tough they were treated unfairly. Many africans would die due to the lack of health care
Anacostin tribe

The anacostin tribe lived in the area that is now washington dc and were associated with the piscataway. there were three large villages,
the largest was called Nacotchanke and was located along the anacostia river running through different places
Zhane's project
Mr Ojeda
In the southern chesapeake and potomac river lived the powhatan people. Allied to protect themselves from other tribes and trade with each other.
The piscataway cheifdom existed in the northern part of the chesapeake . It is know that the two large cheifdoms that existed in the region were the powhatans and the piscataway
Migration theory
It is found that Native Americans arrived to the continent by walking from Asia and crossing land bridges
The English

The English-in 1607 the english arrived to America in James Town Virginia. The english were not prepared and most died within first Winter. due to the fact no gold or other riches were found the english began planting tobacco

L'Enfants plan

" The L'Enfant Plan for the city of Washington is the urban plan developed in 1791 by Major Pierre Charles L'Enfant for George Washington, the first President of the United States."
Tension between the North and South
"The North and South Developed diffrently in the 1800 ,Although both economies were mostly agricultural,the North began to develop more industry and commerce. By contrast, the Southern economy relied on plantation farming. The growth of industry in the North helped lead to the rapid growth of Northern cities.Much of this population growth came from immigration.In addition,immigrants and Easterners moved west and built farms in the new states formed from the Northwest Territory.Most canals and railroads ran east and west, helping the Eastern and Midwestern states develop strong ties with each other."

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