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Sacred Vocabulary of the Catholic Church

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Trinity Bauer

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Sacred Vocabulary of the Catholic Church

The Cassock is an ankle-length robe worn by the Clergy and other workers in the Church.
The Cassock is worn during all Masses over the cincture.

The Cruets are the small bottles that hold the wine and the water during Mass They are presented during the offertory, and are also used for the Priest's absolution and the absolution of the Chalice. The cruets are used during the Mass.
A Thurifer is a person who carries the item in which incense is burned (example: an Alter Server). The Thurifer is used whenever incense is needed in the Church (example: Holy Days).
The Monstrance is the item in the Catholic Church that holds and displays the Host. The Monstrance is used during the Feast of Corpus Christe and during Eucharistic Adoration.
Sacred Vocabulary of the Catholic Church
Credance Table
Blood Cup

Humeral Veil

A Mitre is a ceremonial white peaked cap. There are many different types of Mitres worn on different occasions. The Mitre is worn by Popes, Cardinals, and Bishops.
The alb is a long linen robe of the color white. The alb has long sleeves and is tied at the waist by the cincture. The alb is worn by a priest at Mass.
The confessional is the private room set aside in the Church where the Priest hears confession. The confessional is used whenever the Priest is hearing confession during the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
The Blood Cups are the smaller cups used to pass out the Blood of Christ (the Priest drinks out of the Chalice, the congregation out of the Blood Cups). The Blood Cups are used during Communion.
The Humeral Veil is the shawl worn over the shoulders and hands of a Priest holding a Sacred Vessel. The Humeral Veil is used at Benediction and at the Solemn High Mass.
The Raredos is a screen or decoration on the wall behind the Altar in a Church. The Raredos is constantly being used in the Church.
The Credance Table is the small table which the bread, wine, and other vessels are set on before and after being used up at the Altar. The Credance Table is used every Mass to hold these items.
The Surplice is a white, loose-fitting robe worn over a cassock. The Surplice is worn mostly by the laity, but some of the clergy wear Surplices in place of Albs.
The Ambo is one of two stands from which the Word of God is proclaimed. The ambo is used for the 1st and 2nd readings, the Gospel, the intercessions/petitions, and the psalm.
The Lectionary is the book or list of readings for a year of Masses. The lectionary is used by Mass readers to practice the readings.
The Sanctuary is the place in a Church were Religious ceremonies are performed, such as Mass. The Sanctuary is used on Sundays, Holy Days, and potentially week days.
The Ambry is cabinet in the wall of a Church near the Altar that holds the Sacred oils. The Ambry is used to hold The Oil of Catechumens, The Holy Chrism, and The Oil of the Sick.
The Cincture is the belt worn by the Priest encircling the Alb. The Cincture is used to prevent the Alb from limiting the movements of the wearer. It is worn whenever the alb is worn under the chausible.
The Chausible is the outer vestment without sleeves worn by the Priest over the Alb. The Chausible is worn when a Priest is performing Mass.
The Stole is a Vestment made of a piece of cloth 2 to 4 inches wide and about 80 inches long. The Stole may have 3 crosses embroidered on it, one on each end and one in the center. The stole is worn only by Priests, Deacons, and Bishops when performing ceremonies and sacraments.
The Crosier, also spelled crozier, is the Pastoral staff carried by the Bishop. The Crozier symbolizes the Bishop as the "Good Shepherd," and has a curved cross at the top. The crozier is used during Holy gatherings.
The Purificator is a piece of small white linen with a cross in the center. The Purificator is used to purify the Priest's fingers, the Paten, and the Chalice after Communion.
The Corporal is the white linen cloth, slightly under the width of the Altar, that the Chalice and the Host are set on. The Corporal is used to set these items on during Mass.
The Chalice is a cup-shaped vessel that holds the Blood of Christ during the Mass. The Chalice is used for all Masses during The Liturgy of the Eucharist.
The Paten is a plate, usually made of gold or silver, that holds the Host during Mass. The Paten is used specifically during The Liturgy of the Eucharist.
The Tabernacle is a piece of furniture in the Church that holds the extra Hosts. The Tabernacle is used when Mass is not being performed.
The Ciborium is the 2nd dish used to pass out the smaller Hosts, which looks slightly like a covered Chalice. This dish is used during Holy Communion.
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