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Mediterranean Europe


Madie Plum

on 11 March 2010

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Transcript of Mediterranean Europe

Mediterranean Europe
By: MAdie Plum The Countires include...
Portugal, spain, italy, malta, greece, and andora. HISTORY! Two georgraphic advantages helped the mediterranean to become the region where European civilization was born. Mild climate made survival there easier than in other ares.
- societies had time to develop complex institutions such as government. The nearby Mediterranean Sea encouraged overseas trade.
When different societies trade with each other they also exchange ideas.
This often leads to advances in knowledge. Greece: Birthplace of Demorcracy People migrated early on in this mountanious region, so the villages were isolated from each other. They developed into seperate city-states: political units made up of a city and its surrounding lands. The City-state of Athens developed the first democracy, a government in which the people rule. This democracy helped inspire the U.S. system of governemnt. Economic change Because of the regions sunny climate, and historic sites, tourism has long been a large part of its economy. Agriculture to Industry
This region is less industrial than those of Northern and Western Europe Service industries also make up a much larger part of the economy than before. For centuries, the region's economy was based on fishin and agriculture, but today, manufacturing is increasing. Greece, portugal, and spain joined the European union which has helped growth by promoting trade with other EU Nations. Economic Problems This region still faces economic problems Italy northern region is much more developed than the southern. The north is closer to other industrial countries of europe and the south has poorer transportation systems. This region is also poor in energy resources and rely heavily on imported petroleum. This makes this region vulnerable because trade problems or wars could halt oil supplies and prevent industries from functioning. That's Mediterranean Europe.
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