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Makeup Forever Brief

Mary, Marylou, Anna

Mary Eunice Quinit

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of Makeup Forever Brief

Brand Positioning
: Founded by Dany Sanz (current Artistic Director) and Jacques Waneph
Professional artistry & prestige color cosmetics
Founder and Current Artistic Director, Dany Sanz ran a professional makeup school of 7 years
Acquired by LVMH in
Range of Products: Over 1,000 Products
Foundations, eye shadows, lipsticks, gloss, body makeup, eyeliner pencils, loose powders, cleansers, brushes, false eyelashes, glitter and much more
Statement of Identity
Channels of Distribution
High profile at Sephora retailers
Europe and the United States
Major department stores in Asia and the Middle East
Flagship stores
Target Demographic
Women between the ages of 20 to 27 years old
Has a diploma from high school and is currently attending college whether it is at a private art school or cosmetology school
These women are single
Focused on career goals and life achievements such as getting a well paid job or getting promoted at work
Spend leisure time applying makeup, scrolling through social media (Facebook, Instagram) or reading a fashion magazine
Income is $30,000 or higher
Financially stable and responsible
Lily Collection
: Easter, Pastels, Spring Fields and Lilies
Product Assortment
Eyeshadow Trio Palette
: 3 shades
Aqua Cream Liner
: 3 shades
Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick
: 3 shades
Aqua Lip/Eye Waterproof Lip/Eye Pencil
: 3 shades
Aqua Brow Gel
: 2 shades
Key Competitors
Mary Eunice Quinit,

MaryLou Mercado,
Anna Stanko

Flagship Stores
Work Cited
LVMH. "Perfumes & Cosmetics." MAKE UP FOR EVER, Perfumes and Cosmetics, Prestigious Brands. LVMH, n.d. Web. 19 Dec. 2014.
"Philosophy." – MAKE UP FOR EVER. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Dec. 2014.
Lily's Forever Eyeshadow Trio Palette
Aqua Cream Liner
Product Description
: High quality pigment that offers rich color payoff with matte finish with one swipe. Our Aqua Cream liner will not crease or smudge and its creamy texture allows for easy blending before it sets.
Key Benefits
: Primarily for lining eyes but also use to prime your lid for eyeshadow, or use as a lip color
Color Shades & Descriptions
: Matte turquoise
Pale Lavender
: Matte lavender with purple undertones
Pale Lime Green
: Matte light green with slight yellow undertone
Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick
Aqua Waterproof Lip Pencil
Aqua Brow Gel
Product Description
: A highly pigmented brow gel that is a waterproof formula. Aqua Brow creates a strong hold while the pigment allows for intense color payoff that will not fade. Aqua Brow’s creamy gel texture gives an even, natural result that will last all day.
Key Benefits
: smudge-proof, water proof, just enough pigment to perfectly fill in the brows
Color Shades & Description
: pure turquoise
: pale muted lavender
Philosophy- MAKE UP FOR EVER, a professional 360° vision
MAKE UP FOR EVER wants to offer the very best to professional make up artists
The high-tech formulas are on the cutting edge of innovation
All of the creative energy of the MAKE UP FOR EVER team is concentrated on the effectiveness of the formulas, the comfort of the textures and the choice of the colors
With this 360° vision, MAKE UP FOR EVER is a reference for professionals
In magazines, on stage or on the screen, MAKE UP FOR EVER is the indispensable backstage brand
Product Description:
Breakthrough long-lasting gel-powder formula with super-saturated pigments. Vivid Color. Superior blendability. Unlimited creativity.

Key Benefits:
Effortlessly create endless eye looks that range from beautifully natural to highly artistic with this unique eye shadow trio palette. Get even result that gives lids super-saturated, lasting color. An easily-blendable formula that features diamond, iridescent, and satin finishes, it is an accessible shadow for the professional makeup artist and the everyday woman.
Color Shades & Descriptions:
Sugar Drop Pink
-Iridescent Finish
Cotton Tail Blue
-Diamond Finish
Sage Green
-Satin Finish
Delivers a "sense of drag and theater"
Artistry Based-Appreciation of individuality and self expression
Products are well formulated
Lower price point than Makeup Forever
Sold in departments stores such as Macy's and Nordstrom
Offers best quality of cosmetics at affordable prices. "You can splurge without guilt".
Mass marketed
Easily accessible at drugstores
Available in 70+ countries and in stores: Ulta, Target, and Urban Outfitters in the US, freestanding shops, beauty supply stores around the world and www.nyxcosmetics.com.
Lower price point
Mint Green
Lilac Pink
Mint Blue
Product Description
: These lipsticks are inspired by spring fields and serves as perfect colors for the Easter Holiday. All three shades have a soft matte finish with a bit of a subtle sheen.
Key Benefits
: Strongly pigmented on the lips and require minimal application-A little goes a long way! These lipsticks are formulated with Vitamin E and a touch of Coconut oil which makes the lips more smooth and moisturized.
Color Shades & Descriptions
: There are three colors in this collection which are a baby green, a soft baby blue, and a baby pink that has a slight purple undertone. These three shades go smoothly on the lips and do not leave any streaks. Each of these lipsticks have different finishes on the lips but result in an overall smooth and creamy appearance.
S'Minten (Lustre)
Blue Babe (Matte)
Lilac Daze (Satin)
Sugar Pink

Fresh Mint
Pale Moonshadow Blue
Product Description: Our Easter Collection is inspired by beautiful spring fields and Easter Holiday. These liners serve as both an eyeliner and lip pencil!
Key Benefits:
Water Proof, Multi-Functional Lip and Eye Pencils
Creamy formula and intensely pigmented
Lasts up to 8hrs!
Goes great with our pastel lipsticks
Color Shades & Descriptions: These eye and lip pencils are matte and easy to blend. Each liner matches our three lipsticks: Lilac Daze, S'Minten and Blue Babe. Each liner shade is inspired by a field of flowers, fresh green grass and clear skies. Once applied these liners will stay in place and will not smudge.
These pencils come in the colors:
Fresh Babe

Pastel Spring Collection for the lips
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