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McDonald's Product Mix

No description

Brittany Krone

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of McDonald's Product Mix

McDonald's By Kyle Gerding & Brittany Krone World's #1 Fast Food Restaurant Target Market Anyone who wants a quick & easy meal on the go! Major Product Lines
(Width of 6) Burgers & Sandwiches Drinks Snacks & Sides Desserts & Shakes Breakfast Salads Width is 6 for the product lines Major product items w/ in each category Burgers & Sandwiches (depth of 9)
1. Angus
2. Big Mac
3. Quarter Pounder
4. Hamburger
5. Cheeseburger
6.Crispy Chicken
7. Grilled Chicken
8. Fish
9. Mcribs
Drinks (depth of 6)
1. Milk
2. Water
3. Juice
4. Coffee
5. Ice Tea
6. Coke Products Snacks & Sides (depth of 4)
1. Wraps
2. Apple Slices
3. Fruit
4. Fries Desserts & Shakes (depth of 7)
1. Ice Cream
2. Sundaes
3. Mcflurry
4. Shakes
5. Cookes
6. Pies Salads (depth of 2)
1. Chicken
2. Premium Breakfast (depth of 6)
1. McMuffins
3. Biscuits
4. Cinnamon Melts
5. Bagels
6. Burritos Having a wide variety of items w/ in each category gives each customer a chance to pick something that fits their wants/needs when they are ordering. McDonald's Product mix is varied and different than other competitors because their business carries an expensive line of food & drinks to offer to their customers. Again, this gives the customer a chance to choose what he/she may want and not leave unhappy. *Changes*
- McDonald's is the LARGEST fast food restaurant in the world. The business sells nearly 50 million bugers each day worldwide. What more can you ask for...
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