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Phonology Presentation

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Iris Ramirez

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Phonology Presentation

Phonology Presentation
Phonology is the study of the sound system of languages. It is a huge area of language theory. On one hand, phonology is concerned with anatomy and physiology – the organs of speech and how we learn to use them. On the other hand, phonology shades into socio-linguistics as we consider social attitudes to features of sound such as accent and intonation.
GRAPHEME: a unit of a writing sistem consisting of all wtitten synbols or sequences of written simbols that are to represent a single phoneme
ALPHABET: the alphabet a sistem of writting any such system for representing the sounds of a language:the phonetic alphabet.
spelling: The manner in which words are sepelled: orthography a group of letters representing a word.
VOWEL: Phonetic (in english articulation) a speech sound produced without occlunding diverthig or odtructing the flow of air from the lung (oppused to consonant)
CONSONANT: Phonetic (in englis articulation) a speech sound produced by occlunding whit or without relasing (p,b,t,d,k,g) diverting (m,n,g) or obstruting (f,v,s,z. etc..) the flow of air from the lungs (opposed to towel)
SPEECH: the faculty or power of speaking: oral communication ability to express one´s thoughts and emotions by speech sound and gesture.
SOUND: The sensation produced by stimulation of the organs of hearing by vibration transmitted though the air or other medium

A phoneme is a speech sound that helps us construct meaning. That is, if we replace it with another sound (where this is possible) we get a new meaning or no meaning at all.
Place of Articulation
Manners of Articulation
VOICED: pronunced with glottal vibrations, phonoted(contrasted with voiced) p,f, and z are voiced.
VOICELESS: phonetics. without voiced; unvoiced, surd, aphonic, (contrasted with voiced) p , f and s are voiceless.
PHONEME: any of a small set of units, usually about 20 , 60 in number and different for each language, cosidered tobe the basic distinotive unit of speech sound sound by which morphemes words, and sentences are represented.
LINGÛISTIC: any of the minimal grammatical, units of a languas each constuting a word or meaningful part of a word that can not be devide into amaller independent gramatical parts.
Ramirez Menjívar, Iris Yanet.
Vocal Tract
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