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Flow Chart 101

A flowchart Introduction lesson

Davis Apas

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Flow Chart 101

flow Symbols Guidelines Spark About Flowchart it's a type of diagram it represents an
or algorithm process shows the steps as boxes of various kinds shows the order through the use of arrows Process Show a Process or action step. This is the most common symbol in both process flowcharts and business process maps. A Predefined Process symbol is a marker for another process step or series of process flow steps that are formally defined elsewhere. This shape commonly depicts sub-processes. Predefined
(Subroutine) Alternate
Process As the shape name suggests, this flowchart symbol is used when the process flow step is an alternate to the normal process step. Flow lines into an alternate process flow step are typically dashed. Delay It depicts any waiting period that is part of a process. Preparation any process step that is a Preparation process flow step, such as a set-up operation Manual
Operation shows which process steps are not automated Flow Line
(Arrow, Connector) shows the direction that the process flows Terminator shows the start and stop points in a process Decision Indicates a question or branch in the process flow. Typically, a Decision flowchart shape is used when there are 2 options (Yes/No, No/No-Go, etc.) Connector used as a Connector to show a jump from one point in the process flow to another. Connectors are usually labeled with capital letters (A, B, AA) to show matching jump points Off-Page
Connector shows continuation of a process flowchart onto another page. Merge
(Storage) merging of multiple processes or information into one. Extract
(Measurement) Or Summing Junction The logical Or symbol shows when a process diverges - usually for more than 2 branches. Shows when a process splits into parallel paths. shows when multiple branches converge into a single process. Data (I/O) The Data flowchart shape indicates inputs to and outputs from a process. Document Multi-Document Display Manual
Input Card Punched
Tape for a process step that produces a document. Indicates a process step where information is displayed to a person show process steps where the operator/ user is prompted for information that must be manually input into a system. This is the companion to the punched tape flowchart shapes. This shape is seldom used. If you're very good at stretching all the life out of a machine, you may still have use for the Punched Tape symbol - used for input into old computers and CNC machines. and MORE... 1. Create a flowchart that gets the product name, quantity and price then shows you the total price

2. Create a flowchart that shows you the result of a user input number plus 10

3. Create a flowchart that shows you the larger number of 2 inputs Draw properly CLEARLY 1 2 no room for confusion Direction left - right top-bottom 3 1 flow line out 1 flow line in Process Symbol Decision Symbol but 2 or 3 out { 1 flow line for Terminator use standard symbols 4 1 start finish 5 use connector symbols for complex long flowcharts 7 test & debug 6 Annotation for comments description computation Benefits: communication effective analysis documentation efficient coding proper debugging efficient maintenance By Daryl Davis U. Apas Types Document flowcharts Program flowchart System flowcharts Data flowcharts CHART A A
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