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The Inferno Of Dante


Ashley Narvaez

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of The Inferno Of Dante

The Inferno Of Dante By: Ashley Narvaez and Austin Robinson Canto XXIV Location: Seventh pouch of eight circle From Tuscany
Was a thief who in 1293 stole from a church in Pistoia
innocent man blamed
gets angered by Dante and gives him a prophesy concerning his political party the White Guelphs
most arrogant shade towards God for the punishment he is enduring; makes offensive gesture Vanni Fucci Cacus
Son of Vulcan and Medusa
Centaur who tries to punish Vanni Fucci
Caucus has snakes covering his back and is separated from the other Centaurs, who guard the river of blood, because he tried to steal cattle from Hercules and was killed because of it. Canto XXV " This wicked one is bound for the fire of thievery." (XXVII:127-128) Metamorphosis " I gazed intently down, my master said, 'within the flames are the spirits; each one here enfolds himself in what burns him'" Sinners and Punishment: Thieves; shades are placed in a pit where their hands and legs are tied by coiling snakes. They must walk around naked in a pit full of serpents where if one bites them the sinner catches fire and is incinerated into ashes. Later they take human shape again and the process repeats itself. "Amid this horde, cruel, grim, and dense, people were running, naked and terrified,without a hope of hiding or a chance" Vanni Fucci's Prophesy predicts Dante's exile from Florence
In May 1301 the Pistoian White parry along with the White party in Florence expel the Blacks. The following year Charles of Valois took control of Florence with the promise of keeping peace between the two parties. Once in power however, he sided with the Blacks who led riots against the Whites. Florence eventually began officially exiling members of the White party, including Dante. Canto XXV "Reader, if you are slow to credit what I tell you next, it should be little wonder, for I who saw it know that I myself can hardly acknowledge it. Centaur Brief History The Greek centaur originates from the Gandharvas, who in Vedic mythology drove the horses from the sun.
There are two families of centaurs:
Ixion's union
Chiron's family Canto XXVII After Cacus leaves to chase after Vanni Fucci, Dante and Virgil stumble upon five other shades in the seventh pouch; eighth circle.
Cianfa Donati- is the serpent attacking Agnello
Agnello de' Brunelleschi-being transformed into serpent by Cianfo.
Puccio Sciancato-only one left untransformed
Buoso-is being transfomed
Francesco de' Cavalcanti-fiery serpent who transforms Buoso by piercing his navel. Location: Eighth pouch; Eighth circle Sinners: those who committed fraud
Punishment: each sinner is consumed in flames Guido da Montefeltro hears Dante speaking the Lombard tongue (Italian) and asks about news concerning his homeland Romagna
identifies himself only because he believes Dante will never leave hell
powerful Ghibelline military leader who in the 1270's and 1280's won victories over guelph and papal forces in central Italy
underwent a religious conversion and became a Franciscan friar
forced by Pope Boniface VIII to give political advice in order to defeat the Colonna family
promised absolution for his sin but upon his death he was not allowed to enter heaven because absolution cannot precede repentance and repentance cannot precede sin. Dante's Inferno vs. The Odyssey Ulysses:
known as Odysseus in Greek mythology
he is found in the eighth pouch of the eighth circle for three reasons
the Trojan horse, persuading Achilles to join the Trojan War even though he knew that was destined to die, stealing the Palladium
was killed at sea when his boat was capsized by a giant storm
Greek leader in Trojan War and King of Argos
suitor of Helen of Troy
committed same sins as Ulysses so they are found together Odysseus does not die
he is considered good and a hero for defeating the Trojans
The Odyssey revolves around Odysseus's journey home whereas in Dante's Inferno it was his desire for adventure that keeps him away and eventually brings about his death Canto XXVII Cont'd Sicilian Bull
was a torture device sculpted by Perillus for the tyrant Phalaris, in ancient Sicily
victims were sealed inside the hollow bull as it was heated
Perillus was the first victim
Pope Boniface VIII
considered very corrupt since he pursued personal battles instead of doing what was in the best interest of the church
blamed by Guido da Montefeltro as the reason to his being in hell " Dante's Inferno - Circle 8 - Subcircles 7-10 ." Danteworlds. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Nov. 2012. <http://danteworlds.laits.utexas.edu/circle8b.html#ulysses>.
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