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I Love Food Startup Plan

No description

Phil Shipman

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of I Love Food Startup Plan

Vision Team Development Writing the Business Plan Complete Business Plan Launch Create a vision of what
our finished company
looks like Develop a vision
of what a
just food system
looks like Create a living
document of
values, commitments,
"seed behaviors" Are we living up to our vision? Operation Workshops Create
Marketing and Sales Plan Skills Asessment
Project Financials Marketing Networking Anti-Oppression Catering Culinary Food Protection Certification Health and Nutrition Food Justice and Organizing Popular Education Class Personal Financial Planning Desired Financial Outcomes Determine Costs Research Spaces Research Insurance All Other Costs Research Licences, Permits, Fees Create Pro Forma Docs Do Market Survey Financial Feasibility Study Analyze Business Plan Go or No-Go? Secure Start-Up Funds Set up financial portion of legal docs Determine Equity Structure Formalize financial documents Set bookkeeping Infrastructure Set up Bank Account Define Services Define Unique Value Proposition Define Solidarity Economics Plan Define Questions Target Respondents Conduct Interviews Tabulate Results Redefine and Narrow Services and Market Branding and Creating Marketing Materials Confirm Name Hire Graphic Designer Create Logo Value Proposition Talking Points/ Elevator Pitch Web Site Outreach Materials Soft Launch File Documents Consult with Lawyers File Incorporation Documents File State Paperwork for Worker's Comp File Federal Paperwork for Tax Witholding Get Permits Get Insurance Operations and Capacity Evaluate Cooperative Capacity Decide on Space and Sign MOU Office Space Phone and Internet Order Furniture, Equipment, Inventory Storage Specify Equipment Compile critical equipment purchase list Compile critical administrative equipment list Compile "extras" list Purchase Equipment Set Up Information Systems Contact Management Job Management System Operations Manual Kitchen Space Determine Cost of Goods Sold Create Menus with Pricing Worshop on Class Capital Equipment What is our "Primary Aim"? Design Basic Managment Structure Are we living up to our vision? Social Purpose Plan Create Evaluation Materials for Effectiveness June 1 April 15-May1 March 1 Aug 1 Sept 1 Create Target Market Description Competitive Analysis Development Plan, Milestones Summarize Marketing Message Describe Marketing
Vehicles Describe Sales Operations Get feedback on business plan Define Desired Social Outcomes Define Desired Environmental Outcomes Define Social Purpose Competitive Advantages Define Strategic Parnterships and Relationships Define Social Indicators of Success Define Desired Environmental Indicators of Success Business Planning Jobs to Raise Money for Launch ? Decide on Financial Goals Economic Planning Launch Party Design Basic Governance Structure Set up Operations Systems Design System for Hiring and Training New Members Finalize Operations Manual Purchase Insurance, Licenses Design Basic Operations Structure Create Equipment Budget 6 month, 1 year, 3 year, 10 year plans Specify Kitchen, Office Space Specify Inventory Office Supplies Ingredient Inventory Define Co-op Culture, Measures of Wealth Define Volunteer Coordination Services Define Workshop Services Define Grant-Based Financial Plan Define Barter, Work-Trade, Volunteer, Alternative Client Resources Plan
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