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Copy of The Absolutely true diary of a Part Time Indian


Demetria Gibbs

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of The Absolutely true diary of a Part Time Indian

The Absolutely True Diary of Aiyanna
Journal Entries from Junior's perspective:
The Absolutely True Diary of Marcia
Our environment can define who we are. By changing our environment, we can change who we are. This book was not only entertaining, from Junior's actions, but a life lesson to anyone who reads it. The conflict in the novel shows how independence can carve a person's future. Junior only left the Rez and went to Reardan to experience and discover something different from his lifestyle. Despite the difficulty, his was still able to find himself.
The Absolutely True Diary of Destiny
After reading The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, I came to the realization that anything is possible. However, to reach those endless possibilities you must be determined and willing to make sacrifices. In the novel, Junior, the main character, demonstrates determination and grit through his decision to attend Reardan High located more than 20 miles out of the reservation in which he lives. This choice places Junior in a negative position with everyone in his tribe, yet he pushes through and makes it to school even under harsh conditions. I can relate to this in my life when trying to figure out what's best for my future. This book allows readers to see that they aren't the only ones going through difficult labor and that there are many opportunities in life.
Presentation by: Marcia Branch, Aiyanna Hightower, Destiny Samuel, and Demetria Gibbs.
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
By Sherman Alexie
The Absolutely True Diary of Demetria
This story defines people as who they really are and the other side they pretend to be. Junior matures throughout this novel and it highlights how people can alter because of experiences at school and life itself. I, as well, have flipped sides and pretended to have a personality that wasn't mine to see how differently people would treat me and how I reacted to that change. Most of us are shaking our heads or nodding in agreement at the things that Junior went through. However, I really enjoyed reading this book because as an Indian, Junior overcame his struggle of losing his loved ones and meeting new friends. In the end, he realized how important his presence was to his tribe.
"Our Reflection"
This picture shows how Junior is different from the white kids at Reardan. He's poor while they are rich, but it doesn't stop him from being who he is(besides $$).
Junior lives on the Spokane Indian Reservation, where he discovers that alcohol is more important to most residents than an education is. Junior decides to transfer from his reservation school to Reardan High, an all white school, and is later treated like an outcast and traitor. Ignored by his best friend ,Rowdy, and his tribe, Junior fights to improve his social standing both on and off the reservation by joining the varsity basketball team and hanging out with his "girlfriend",Penelope, and other friends made along the way.

September 23,

I knew that my life would change from the moment I transferred to Reardan High, but it wasn't until my tribe began to hate me that I realized this would be a challenge. I would experience trails and tribulations because I was an Indian living on a reservation, yet that wasn't the the real test. THE REAL TEST was going to school outside of the rez.
November 12,

It wasn't until I went to Reardan that I learned to love a girl named Penelope. Though, I think she only loves the part of me that's Indian, and she doesn't love the rest of me.
June 30,

I joined the basketball team at Reardan, and I went against my best friend Rowdy. Later in the year, my sweet grandmother died and so did my dad's best friend. Then, my world became really cloudy.
I depicted scenes of what went on in my personal left as well, but it wasn't until my sister died that I drew just what I felt. Anger and guilt and sadness built inside of me when I realized that my sister had died in spite of me. When I thought about how most people on the reservation died, I laughed and laughed because I could no longer cry. I pondered about how everyone died because it involved being drunk, then this thought plopped me in the head with a thump...

I wanted to change my future, I wanted to change my fate because I did not want to be a drunk who always drank my problems away.

This illustration depicts two sides of Junior. The left figure is Junior as his regular self and the right figure is the athletic and cool Junior that most people at Reardan see.
"Is this love... or naw?"
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