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Make Lemonade

No description

Liz Han

on 4 May 2014

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Transcript of Make Lemonade

While working on her night shift, Jolly ends up getting harassed by her boss and is fired for trying to defend herself.
Since LaVaughn is helping Jolly with her problems, she is starting to slow down on her school work and is struggling to continue the babysitting job.
Being jobless left Jolly in a rough position because she can't support Jeremy and Jilly anymore. LaVaughn decides to help Jolly by bringing her back to school, and attend a special program called "Mom's Up", that is designed to help soon to be moms and teenage moms get back on track.
Setting: This story takes place in a poor neighborhood, many places including Jolly's apartment, LaVaughn's house, and at her school.
Situation/Climate: The situation of this book is about LaVaughn babysitting Jolly's children and also to help out Jolly with new struggles and conflicts.
LaVaughn: a 14 year old girl who is babysitting to save up money for college
Jolly: an unwed 17 year old mom who is trying to take care of her two kids
Jeremy and Jilly: Jolly's two children
LaVaughn vs. Herself:
Make Lemonade
, LaVaughn is forced to make countless decisions. When Jolly lost her job and is searching for a new way to take care of her kids and herself, she brings up an idea of borrowing Lavaughn's babysitting money. On page 62-63 the text shows the reaction that LaVaughn had when she heard Jolly's plan. "I feel my eyes narrow, like she betrayed me by thinking of it...But maybe she needs it more than I do?" In the beginning, she takes the offer in a more negative way, thinking that Jolly will take her money to use for her own benefit. Then, she hesitates, trying to figure out if she should use the money to help Jolly and the kids or continue to save it up for college. Just like this situation, LaVaughn falls into arguments with herself to decide what is best for her future and the people around her.
The climax of this story is when Jilly almost chokes to death. While Jolly and LaVaughn were busy having a conversation, when they weren't keeping an eye on Jilly, she started to cry and squeal. A few minutes before, she was perfectly fine playing with Jeremy's toys, and the next moment, ends up having the toy stuck in her throat! This is the most intense part of the book because there is no turning back and this scene changes the whole situation.
The same time Jilly's face started to turn pale and Jeremy and LaVaughn were busy trying to call 911 for help, Jolly did something that was out of the ordinary. She started to hit Jilly's back and pressing on her chest constantly over and over again. After a few gags, she threw up and the spider jumped out. Help finally arrived and Jolly and Jilly left on an ambulance. Behind this matter, Jeremy took part in rescueing Jilly because he, who is less than 3 years old, dialed 9 on the phone trying to save his little sister.
Jolly ends up saving her own child's life. She says that she learned how to perform CPR during swimming lessons in the Mom's up class. Jolly was so determined to save Jilly and successfully take the toy out. This shows that Jolly has changed a lot from the beginning of the story from when she was just a teenage mom that was always looked down upon. With the help of LaVaughn and going back to school, Jolly was able to become a more knowledgeable, responsible, and respectable mom for her children.
Make Lemonade
is a book that brings out the message of love and friendship. Although Jolly's apartment is worn out and their background is unpleasant, they still managed to be a family because of the strong love they had for each other. Throughout the story, LaVaughn creates new relationships with Jolly and her kids, because of the memories they made together while babysitting. They were able to become closer like a real family even though they weren't blood related and is able to depend on each other for support.
In our group, we all agreed that the importance of the lemon seed and the title did not correspond well with the storyline. Although it played a role in the book, the story did not seem to come together and connect at the end. Also, we shared a discussion about how the book ended how it did. It was a disappointing ending, the fact that everything wrapped up nicely but the ending gave a slightly gloomy tone of voice.
This will be a perfect novel for someone who is looking for a simple and less time consuming story to read. As well for readers who are going through family and financial issues or who can relate to babysitting and teenage moms would also be fitted. It is a book that won't need high expectations while reading and won't be a regret! A very sweet and heartwarming story that makes you think and appreciate your surroundings.
The major symbolism that made an impact to the text was the lemon seed/plant. Being the symbol of hope, it gave the characters a sense of comfort when they were in trouble and helped them to endure, keep on going and to never stop trying . On top of that, meaning that with the little that Jolly had, she was able to make a greater outcome.
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