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Franklin Delano Roosevelt

No description

Claire Schwarzentraub

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.- FDR
Roosevelt was born on January 30, 1882He was born in Hyde Park, NY
Roosevelt's mother encouraged him to collect stampsRoosevelt's father taught him how to care about land, sled, fish, iceboat, and swim
For elementary school Roosevelt received schooling from a series of governessesRoosevelt learned penmanship, arithmetic, Latin, French, and German under his mother's supervisionAt age 14 Roosevelt's parents enrolled him in Groton School in Groton, MAIn 1900- Roosevelt enrolled in Harvard CollegeAfter college, Roosevelt attended Columbia University Law School
Roosevelt's half brother was James Roosevelt (1854-1927)Roosevelt's mother was Sara Delano Roosevelt (1854-1941)Sara was a very protective motherFranklin Roosevelt's father was James Roosevelt (1828-1900)James was a country gentleman
This is Franklin Roosevelt, as a child, with his mother, Sara.
This is Roosevelt with his father. (Franklin is wearing a kilt, not a dress)
Life Before Presidency
1907-Roosevelt passed the state bar examination allowing him to practice law in stateRoosevelt became a clerk for law firm of Carter, Ledyard and Milburn1910-Roosevelt ran for State Senator (NY)Roosevelt defeated his Republican opponent 15,708 votes to 14,568 votesBecame NY State Senator again (won by 1,600 votes)After being NY State Senator, President Wilson made him Assistant Secretary of the Navy1928-Roosevelt became NY State Governor
Franklin's wife was Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962)Eleanor was Franklin's fifth cousinThey met at family occasionsFranklin Roosevelt proposed to Eleanor in the Fall of 1903Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt were married on St. Patrick's day 1904Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt had six children, and one who died in infancyThe children were James Roosevelt (1884-1962), Anna Eleanor Roosevelt (1906-1975), Elliot Roosevelt (1910-1991), Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr. (1914-1988), John Aspinwall Roosevelt (1916-1981), and the child who died in infancy
This is a picture of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt's family. (Franklin's mother is there, too)
This is a photo of Eleanor Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt's wife.
First Term-Highlights During Presidency
1930-even before the election, people started to notice Roosevelt"A new deal" became the theme of Roosevelt's campaignRoosevelt helped the poorRoosevelt stayed very optimistic even when times were tough
Election was in 1932Roosevelt received 22,809, 638 popular votes and 472 electoral votesRoosevelt's Republican opponent (Herbert C. Hoover) received 15,758,901 popular votes and 59 electoral votes
March 4, 1933-Roosevelt was sworn inRoosevelt sounded very optimistic during his speech despite the Great Depression happening
Life in the White House
Roosevelt had polio which bound him to a wheelchair and leg braces for the rest of his lifeRoosevelt learned how to swim during his polioRoosevelt had lunch with someone new everyday
1933-Roosevelt signed the Bank ActMarch 8, 1933-Roosevelt encouraged people to give money back to banks which kept 3/4 of the banks from closing and helping the Great Depression1935-Roosevelt passed Social Security Act1935-Roosevelt passed Wagner ActRoosevelt helped the children that were affected by the Great Depression get an education
Franklin Roosevelt had an affair with Lucy Mercer while married to Eleanor Roosevelt This was before Roosevelt was presidentEleanor wanted a divorce but Franklin declined because it would ruin his chances of being president and it would hurt their children
This is a photo of Lucy Mercer
Second Term-Highlights During Presidency
Roosevelt's campaign was in 1936He tried to get critics on his sideNo newspapers were on his side, but voters were
Roosevelt received 27,752,869 popular votes and 523 electoral votesHis Republican opponent (Alfred M. Landon) got 16,674,665 popular votes and eight electoral votes
Roosevelt was sworn in on January 20, 1937 He was the first president to be sworn in on a new date under the 20th Amendment to the Constitution
Life in the White House
Roosevelt had loyal a Scottish Terrier, named FalaRoosevelt welcomed everyone to the White House and made it cozy
Roosevelt helped make courts more responsive Roosevelt took steps to outlaw child labor and dangerous jobsBy 1940-Unemployment had almost disappeared
Third Term-Highlights During Presidency
Roosevelt's third campaign was hard because no president had ever had a third term, and if he sounded eager people would accuse him of wanting to be a dictator
Roosevelt's election was in 1940 Roosevelt got 27,307,819 popular votes and 449 electoral votesRoosevelt's Republican opponent, Wendel L. Wilkie, received 22,321,018 popular votes and 82 electoral votes
Roosevelt didn't have a big inauguration because it was in the middle of World War II and he had to send help to Britain
1940-He sent help to Britain during the raid of the Nazis1940-Americans mobilized biggest military force in history
December 7, 1941-Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, HIMore than 3,500 Americans were killed or woundedWorst Naval attack in American history
These are images of the Pearl Harbor bombing in 1941.
Fourth Term-Highlights During Presidency
Roosevelt wanted to be reelectedPeople loved him
Roosevelt's election was in 1944Roosevelt got 25,606,585 popular votes and 432 electoral votesHis Republican opponent, Thomas E. Dewey, received 22,014,745 popular votes and 99 electoral votes
Brief and simpleInvited all 13 of his grandchildren to his speech
1945-Roosevelt had almost ended World War IIRoosevelt had brought America through the Great Depression, World War II, and the Pearl Harbor bombing
Interesting Facts
April 12, 1945-Roosevelt suffered from massive cerebral hemorrhage and died that same day at 3:35 PMRoosevelt was 63 years old He is buried in Roosevelt estate at Hyde Park, NY
Personal Facts
Roosevelt admired his boarding school leader and had him perform Roosevelt's weddingRoosevelt loved to swim and taught himself how to swim during polio
Professional Facts
Only president with more than two termsFirst president whose mother was allowed to vote for himSalary-$75,000 a yearFirst president to fly in an airplane during a war
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