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Exploring Cake Designers

This is what a career as a basic cake designer is like!

Rebecca Youngblood

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Exploring Cake Designers

Cake Decorators
By Rebecca Youngblood The pay fringes from $9.18 to $20.35 an hour. commonly $11.00 or $16.97 an hour though You need A high School degree or equivalent and some classes ranging from a couple of days to a couple of months depending on what your doing. Any collage that offers a culinary art course you can learn this skill This job uses any program that you can design models on. You need to solve any issue with the consumer about the cake you designer Some responsibilities are: effective communications, spelling correctly, and making the cake look presentable You need to be able to have legible hand writing and state directions clearly
This career will remain in top demand from anyone who wants a cake for any type of special event
This career could work with any business that is looking to celebrate something happening at their work place. The designer must be able to work efficiently with the other business to make enough cake and have it look good. THE END THE END!!!!!!! You need to be able to measure the cake and make sure your able to portion the amount of icing right
If a customer is upset with an order's outcome you must be able to remain calm and reasonable
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