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AUCCO Presentation: Partnering in Prevention

Use this fun digital scrapbook template from Prezi to capture and share your life events.

Christine Szaraz

on 24 March 2016

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Transcript of AUCCO Presentation: Partnering in Prevention

Lessons learned from the first 7 years of SBU's Center for Prevention and Outreach

Partnering in Prevention

Raising awareness about resources to address what's already there

Education and outreach to prevent problems and promote early intervention

Building networks with other departments (academic affairs, campus recreation, student life, career center) to promote connections and services supporting the whole student
Visible problems are only the tip of the iceberg
Public health is concerned with approaches that address the health of a population rather than one individual.
"True primary prevention is population-based using environmental and system-level strategies, policies, and actions that prevent...from initially occurring."
ACHA 2011 Position Statement on Preventing Sexual Violence on College and University Campuses
Public Health Approach
You have to do it all!
You can't do it all.
Work with what you have:
UG/Grad interns
Engage Colleagues
Apply for Grants
Build professional alliances and networks for engaging students.
Reach out to colleagues, look for opportunities, nurture connections
Data Matters
It has to go somewhere...
Provide clear pathways to apply strategies or use information.
Offer opportunities to enhance knowledge or connect with additional leadership opportunities.
o Identify opportunities for students to get involved, and limitations to utilizing student staff/interns.
o Consider investment vs. benefit – what are you going to get out for what you put in?
o Connect with career center, academic affairs

Maintain the entertainment/education balance
Engage people without putting them on the spot
Meet people where they are, but show them where they can go - leave them wanting more!
CPO Recognized by DOJ-OVW for SV prevention efforts.
Nobody sings songs about unsung heroes.
8-Hour Campus Certificate Course on Recognizing and Responding to Sexual and Relationship Violence
Recognition is important.

Resource limits
beer & puke
looking for clothes
passed out
freaked out
no memory
did I consent?
figure out
no answer
you ok?
2 random dudes
below min. balance
$0.74 left
piece together
raunchy pics
table dance
making out
wall comments
cops called
fight with bff
kicked out
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