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Wisconsin Badgers Basketball

No description

Owen Hamilton

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Wisconsin Badgers Basketball

Basketball Wisconsin Badger
Starting Line Up PG- #11 Jordan Taylor SG- #21 Josh Gasser SF- #5 Ryan Evans PF- #31 Mike Bruesewitz C- #40 Jared Berggren Head Coach- Bo Ryan Jordan Taylor's
Career Stats 136 career games played
11.3 PPG (points per game)
40.3 field goal percentage
3.4 APG (assists per game)
3 RPG (rebounds per game) Josh Gasser's
Career Stats 70 career games played
6.8 PPG
46.7 field goal percentage
2.0 APG
4.1 RPG Ryan Evans 103 career games played
5.9 PPG
41.5 field goal percentage
0.9 APG
4.1 RPG Mike Bruesewitz 98 career games played
4.0 PPG
41.5 field goal percentage
1.0 APG
3.5 RPG Jared Berggren 84 career games played
5.6 PPG
46.3 field goal percentage
0.5 APG
2.6 RPG Bo Ryan career stats 28 seasons as a coach
His career record is 651-204
He has coached for:
UW- Platteville: 1984-1999
UW- Milwaukee: 1999-2001
Wisconsin: 2001-2012 My Favorite Player
(of all time) JON LEUER!!! He was the 40th pick of the 2011 NBA draft
He was originally drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks
He then got traded to the Houston Rockets
And now plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Wisconsin Badgers are in the Big 10 Confrence The Teams In The Big 10 Are:
Ohio State
Penn State
Michigan State
Indiana ON WISCONSIN! Wisconsin is consistently one of the best team in the Big 10.
They are in one of the best confrences in the country.
They have outstanding players.
They are without a doubt a great team to cheer for and be a fan of. Sources www.statsheet.com/mcb
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