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How to find a job

No description

Anna Sosievici

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of How to find a job

Anna Sosievici - Avanade How to find a job Who am I? Graduated in 2011
Current employer: Avanade Netherlands
Educational background in Telecommunications, Marketing and Business administration
Previous work experience in management consulting Tips & tricks Be visible (online & offline)
Be proactive and persevere
Write...and re-write your CV
Work on your elevator pitch
Network, network, network!
Volunteer to do something you're passionate about
Take the job of getting a job seriously - be your own marketing agency! DO's... Learn dutch!
Use your alumni network
Fit the job to your skills, not the other way around
Be flexible and keep an open mind
Research the organization, the role, your interviewer and..yourself!
Fire-up intelligent and intriguing questions
Prepare - practice makes perfect
Send a 'Thank you' note
Be yourself! ...and DON'Ts Don't wait for the job of your dreams to find you
Don't ignore any job channel don't skip an internship
Don't forget to follow-up
Don't lose patience - job hunting is an endurance game
Don't start by applying to your 'most wanted' job
Don't beat yourself up
Don't count your losses, count your wins! Good luck!!! Open discussion Q&A
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