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aslam asraf

on 5 August 2015

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Transcript of CASE STUDY

Bright Sparkler, Sg Buloh
Chronology of incident :

7 may 1991 ,Tuesday

3.00 pm : 1 massive explosion happen at the factory

3.40 pm : 2nd explosion

4.00pm : 3rd explosion

2.30am : Flame relight for some part of the factory

8 may 1991 ,Wednesday

search and rescue activity continued

9 may 1991 ,Thursday

Heavy rain for 1 hour and new threat happen

2.30pm : Chemical reaction happend causes poisonous gas release

16 may 1991 ,Thursday

Operation Api Buluh has been launch to clear all the chemical poisonous wastes from the factory
Incident of fire cracker factory , the bright sparkles been worst history happened in the country. The tragedy give huge impact to the workers which give them awarness about the important of how to have good experience in safety and health in the workplace.
This incident also need to be taken as huge examples to employer , Important of S.O.P , so that the risk of incident can be minimize .

follow OSHA act 512
How to Prevent :
1 . Continous inspection must be done by authorities on to any factories.
2 . Employer need to have responsibilites to recruit any employees.
3 . Worker should be alert and follow all the S.O.P provided.
4. The factory owner should prepare all safety equipment in workplace
Case preview
The Bright Sparkles fireworks fire happend in Malaysia on 7 May 1991 . The bright sparklers fireworks Factory in Sungai Buloh , Selangor caught fire and caused a huge explosion. 23 people were killed and over a hundred people were injured in the disaster
Causes of Fire
1. The nature of the lab workers who perform work that has been completed to test the fireworks to be sold

2. Attitudes of employers - During fireworks test is running , the workers are not monitored by the management of the laboratory

3. Working environment that is not secure , have been operating for 13 years but did not have a complete fire prevention equipment
Impact of Incident
victims : 23 died , 103 badly injured , 50 rescuer have breathing problem

Destroyed Factories : sawmills , food colouring , animal , plant , firecracker

Rescue unit : 8 fire fighter's car , 2 lories of army.

Medical unit : 9 ambulance from HKL , 5 ambulance from HSB
In Memories
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