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Texture L1

Introduction to texture

Miss G Davidson

on 2 October 2017

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Transcript of Texture L1

Beyond Colour and Shape,
Into Texture and Pattern

how the surface of something feels
or looks like it would feel

What is texture?
What are examples of texture?
Types of Texture
Real or actual Texture - can be felt
Visual or Implied - the 2D illusion of a 3D surface.
There are two kinds simulated texture and invented.
Simulated Texture: The imitation of a real
texture by using a 2D pattern to create the illusion of a 3D Surface.
Invented Texture: The creation of a texture
by repeating lines and shapes in a 2D pattern.
Describing words for texture...
adds interest
Why do you think texture is important in art?
creates a contrast
adds decoration
attracts attention
Vincent van Gogh
Texture in art
Edgar Degas
Henry Moore
Janet Fish
Meret Oppenheim
Michelle Stephens
Sculptural and textile artist from Northern Ireland.
We will learn about Max Ernst's Rubbings or
'Frottage' Drawings
Today's Lesson
We will look at Carol Caputo's work.
evokes memories
We will create our own piece of work made
from various rubbings.
Max Ernst
developed the technique during and after World War 1 & 2. When he couldn't find beauty in his surroundings he focused on textures and details around him.
He made drawings by placing sheets of paper over different objects such as floorboards and leaves, and rubbing with a stick of graphite.
- French word for
making a rubbing
create texture in drawings.
American Artist from New York.
inspired by the City
makes an impression of bits and pieces of material
that have been discarded or ignored throughout the
Carol Caputo
Carol Caputo
Now it's time for
you to try
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