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Getting Information

No description

English4callcenters .com

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Getting Information

Read the complete statements and decide if they are facts or opinions.
Phrasal verbs
Talk to your teacher and classmates about these phrasal verbs and answer the question.
Warm Up
Answer the questions with your coach and classmates.
By the end of this lesson your are going to be able to:
Be able to ask for information.
Tell the difference between fact and opinion.
Practice supporting your opinion with facts.
Useful Phrases
Read these phrases then decide if the statements are facts or opinions in the next page.
Where do you find information about jobs?

Who do you believe more: your own and friends experiences or experts?

What do you research online? Which sites do you use to visit?
Vocabulary Fill in the Blank
Complete the sentences with the correct vocabulary words; then answer the question.
The teacher asked me to ________ my argument with more information.
In my_________________, the red dress looks better than the blue one.
Whats is the_____________________________________ of the story?
The_______________ needs to be accurate when they report the news.
I will___________ the history of the building and tell you what I discover.
It is a ____ that many people like to visit this museum. I read it in the report.

I read that
Research shows
I learned that
As a matter of fact

I think that
In my opinion
If you ask me
It seems to me that
I read that peacocks are the national bird of India

I think that peacocks are amazing

I learned that peacocks are omnivores. That means they eat plants and animals.

It seems to me that peacock would make a great pet

Scientists say that, on average, peacocks live
for 20 years.
To find out
: to discover
I was researching online and I
found out
Ricky Martin is gay
Find the cause of the problem?
How many of these words did you know? choose a word and give a sentence
Possible JIQ

Practice these questions with your coach and classmates
How do you get from your house to the academy or viceversa?

How did you find out about us?

How long does it take you to get from your house to here?
Customer didn´t receive the order find out why?
Make questions to find out what happened
Example : Did you put the correct address? , what day did you place the order for?
Look for
: research information
Let me
Look for
your information ma'am
Let's watch the video-
your coach will explain 3 cool phrases you can use in daily life , after give your own example.
Getting Information

Pronunciation Practice
Watch session 4
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