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ePortfolios: Characteristics, Benefits & Considerations

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Joanne Keating

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of ePortfolios: Characteristics, Benefits & Considerations

a collection of electronic evidence, assembled and managed by a user
What is an ePortfolio?
Widener University
Instructional Technologist
Joanne Caione-Keating
Key Elements

1. Personal Information (name, contact, major, graduation date, etc)
2. Images
3. Table of Contents
4. Learner Goals
5. Curricular Standards and criteria - used to align portfolio contents to institutional, departmental, course curriculum (accomplished by rubrics)
6. Rubrics
7. Guidelines for artifact collection
8. Artifacts - examples of learning outcomes
9. Feedback forum (instructor, etc)
10. Self-reflection pieces - gain from the rich learning experience that ePortfolio development can provide

Storage/Access - obvious benefits of space saving. Internet accessibility lends itself to updating with minimal effort as well as creating multiple links throughout the digital documents.

Multimedia - Sound, images, graphics, video, etc added to the ePortfolio, adding texture and personal connections and documenting evidence of learning

Creating and editing of digital documents helps improve digital skills
Considerations when selecting an ePortfolio tool

1. Availability of all three types of portfolios, and

capability of hybridization
Multiple portfolios per user allowed?
- can it be shared by element, or must it be in its entirety?
for showcase purposes
- private or public?
Cloud based
Security & Backup
Portability -
tablet and iPad
- Does control remain with information owner?
not tied to employment or school account
Ability to customize
and add personal flavor - custom tabs & nomenclature?
Design - level of HTML required, or WYSIWYG design mode formatting?
simplicity and capability - Support all
file types
(documents, spreadsheets, slides, videos & audio)
File size
upload sufficiency
- annual, multi-annual, etc?
7. Ability to collect signature assignments and capstone projects
Custom rubrics
and forms for scoring artifacts
9. Ability to gather candidate
performance data by standard or learning outcome
10. Ability to
track requirements
by transition point or program gateway
11. Accreditation
data filtering
-performance data by demographics and reporting by institutional learning outcomes, state standards, or national accreditation stds.
Ability to perform
multiple evaluations
of the same work
Custom module
availability: i.e. Are field placement modules necessary to document information about clinical placements, including site demographics, university supervisors, etc ?
text documents
blog entries
(working, assessment)
a record of things done over a period of time, should be tied directly to learner outcomes and rubrics
Reflective (learning)
(showcase, career)
personal reflections on the content; analyzing experiences, developing critical thinking skills, celebrating successes and learning from not so successful outcomes
demonstrated proficiencies, achievements in relation to particular work and developmental goals (selective)
Which format do you need?
probably a hybrid
Helen Barrett (expert in the field of ePortfolios -
"...a portfolio without standards, goals, and reflections is just a fancy resume..."
21st Century Skill Benefits

To see more research and information, visit resources at:

The Association for Authentic, Experiential, and Evidence-Based Learning http://www.aaeebl.org/eportfolio_resouces

In your research you will see some thoughts about the merging of LMS and ePortfolio technologies. I recently read the following:

"The LMS may begin to morph into an ePortfolio architecture, supporting longitudinal learning and decoupling from the course-based design they’ve had since the early CMS."

However, ePortfolios are inherently owned by the user and LMS is owned by the institution... But, perhaps the future holds more integration and cooperative structures.
It is a HOT topic and there are lots of great discussions happening
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