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School for Academic Excellence and Citizenship 2015

No description

Christine Dragone

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of School for Academic Excellence and Citizenship 2015

The School for Academic Excellence and Citizenship
Academic Excellence
The Vision
Presented by Christine Dragone

The School for Academic Excellence and Citizenship will be a safe, engaging and inclusive learning environment for staff, students and families alike. As a collective whole, we will work together to achieve rigorous standards that benefit all members of our community and the communities we belong to.

As a community we will:
Celebrate our diversity
Prioritize collaboration above isolation
Be equal partners in our undertakings
Respect and invite one another's expertise
Value creativity above "status quo"
Encourage questions and join together to investigate the answers
Share in our successes
How Will We Do This Together?
What does this look like?
Engaging, responsive curriculum
Literacy-rich environment
High standards for all
Supports for all learners

What does this look like?
Social justice themes in curriculum
Social emotional learning in Advisory
Service learning and externship
Extra-curricular trips and clubs
The Data
Less than 25% citywide proficiency in reading on eighth grade ELA test

NYC graduation rate below 70%

Increasingly global world requires global perspective

We believe that all children are entitled to an education rich in academic rigor and enlightening experiences.

We believe it is our job to help students be curious about the world around them and provide them with the modern academic skills necessary to investigate and analyze that world.

We believe that every student is capable of success, and should be provided with a supportive, nurturing community in which they can grow into caring, responsible and independent thinkers who make the world a better place.
We believe that our staff is committed to life long learning, and using education as a powerful tool to help change the world.
Prospective School Leader
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