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Foil - Literary Term

The literary term foil

Natasha Paul

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Foil - Literary Term

a foil is a character whose personality, attitude, or physical characteristics is opposite of another character
How to Find it
To find the foil in literary text, you must look for opposites and contrasting traits between characters.
Pinky and The Brain
Pinky is a tall skinny idiot, while The Brain is a short chunky intelligent mouse.
Jacob and Edward from Twilight
You all probably think I'm weird now, but in the Twilight Series, Jacob and Edward are opposites. Jacob is a werewolf and Edward is a Vampire. Jacob is hot (temperature wise.....) and Edward is cold. Jacob has a temper, while Edward is completely calm.
Why it's important
The foils in a story create conflict and make things more interesting. Nobody likes a story where everybody agrees with everybody and everybody is the same.
A foil serves as a contrast to another character usually to help point out the characteristic traits of the other character.
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