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Alphabet cards

No description

Monica Bouamany

on 14 November 2016

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Transcript of Alphabet cards

he was a traveling botanist who originally came from scone, Scotland.
Washington blueberries
Where do our apples come from?
How are blueberries beneficial to us?
apples come from the valleys of washington state. there is more than 175,000 acres of apple orchards in the cascade mountains. they are 500 to 3,000 feet above sea level. american pioneers were one of the first to discover the area in the 19th century . in 1826 early settlers had discovered that the area’s rich soil and great sunshine created perfect conditions for growing apples. there are many different kinds of apples such as red Delicious,fuji,golden delicious, pink lady,and cameo.
This is a three-day Sea fair festival with 300,000 people that attend. there are many different activities like the parade "Funtastic Shows" carnival with constant entertainment and many educational events. also including a youth soccer competition for children under 18 and above 10 years of age. the carnival with rides for all ages. and also a scholarship program people that participate will be judged on their strengths in community service,academics ,public speaking and an interview. a young woman will be crowned miss cornucopia and a young man will be crowned royal ambassador and be awarded a crown and a sash.
What is cornucopia days?
Nyasia Saetern
monica bouamany
card #1
David Douglas
monica bouamany
Who were the Entiat Indians?
card #2
the entiat were a group of native americans also known as sintiatqkumuhs and intietooks mainly lived along the etiat river. a band of entiat called the sinikumuhs lived on the columbia between the entiat and wenatchee rivers. their diet (depending on season) were fish mainly salmon during spring and fall. and during summer and winter they gathered roots and berries, hunted deer and bear.
who was David Douglas and how did he impact Washington state?
Washington fishing company

IN 1866,HAPGOD,HUME AND COMPANY ESTABLISHED THEIR FIRST FISH CANNERY ON THE COLUMBIA RIVER AND PACKED 272,000 POUNDS OF SALMON (ACCORDING TO www.lib.washington.edu). sport fishing brings in 1.1 billion dollars and 14,655 jobs each year. ACcording TO wdfw.wa.gov, "studies indicate that more than 75% of the salmon caught in Puget Sound and 90% of the salmon caught in the Columbia River originate from hatcheries, as do 88% of all steelhead. Commercial fishers,
meanwhile, harvest catches totaling $3.8 billion by the time they are processed,
distributed through wholesalers, sold in the retail market or served in restaurants"
chief shilhohsaskt and his wife spokokalx
who was christine gregoire?
christine gregoire former governor served 8 years as Washington's 22nd governor. former graduate of uw of 1969. she was named director of the Washington department of ecology in 1988. she became the first woman elected to be attorney general in the state of Washington four years later. and served three terms before getting elected governor. two terms as governor gregoire presented significant reforms to Washington's education system. she was also known for health care reforms that in coverage resulted for all low-income children.
nyasia saetern
card #3
nyasia saetern
card #4
who is jay inslee?
he is our current govenor of the united states.
he graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in economics. later he earned his law degree at willamette universty. he went on to represent the 14th Legislative District in the state House of Representatives and was elected in congress in 1992 in yakima valley. later he has elected into congress in 1998 and served until 2012. his main priority was to keep the enviornment clean and have clean energy. though he has rarely done anything to help with the Keystone XL project.
nyasia saetern
card #5
tHIS COMPANY WAS FIRST FOUNDED BY Medard des Groseilliers and Pierre-Esprit Radisson. Groseilliers and radisson were fur traders in the 17th century. The company started in may 2, 1670. their company sells Accessories shoes apparel and home items. this is the oldest company in the U.S.
what is the hudson bay company?
The journey was during 1804-1806. the co-leaders of the journey was Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. accoring to edgate.com it says,"In 1803, when was President of the United States, the U.S. purchased the Louisiana Territory from France.Much of the new territory was unexplored. Jefferson decided to send an expedition up the Missouri River to its source in the western mountains and beyond to the Pacific Ocean". Because this jefferson had MEriwether Lewis to comand the expediton. William clark was aked by lewis to co-command the journey also. they ventured to many states. EDgates.com states,"During the winter, Lewis and Clark hired Toussaint Charbonneau, a French fur trader, and his wife, a Shoshone woman named Sacagawea, realizing that this woman could help them by acting as interpreter with her people, who lived near the Missouri's headwaters." she was a very beneficail person on their journey."Lewis and Clark are treated as national heroes. They return to Washington, D.C. The men received double pay and 320 acres of land as reward, the captains got 1,600 acres. Lewis was named governor of the Louisiana Territory, Clark was made Indian agent for the West and brigadier general of the territory's militia.this happened in the fall of 1806." Accoring to lewisclark.net.

what was their journey?
northwest passage
cornucopia days
Entiat Indians
christine gregoire
jay inslee
What is the northwest passage and how was it founded?
what is an potlatch?
ring of fire
what is the ring of fire and how does it affect us?
Nyasia Saetern
card #6
totem poles
kaiser aluminum was founded by Henry j. kaiser in 1946 over many decades. they were the source of
seattle music
Nyasia Saetern
card #7
Okanogan Highlands
Nyasia Saetern
card #8
Quinault Indian Tribe
Mt. St. Helens
Nyasia Saetern
card #9
Nyasia Saetern
card #10
Umatilla Indian Tribe
Nyasia Saetern
card #11
Whitman Massacre
Nyasia Saetern
card #12
Henry Yesler
Nyasia Saetern
card #13

fort Vancouver
what are totem poles and what do they mean?

the quinault contained quinault and queet tribes and other coastal tribes such as the quileite, hoh, chehalis, chinook, and cowlitz. they live in long houses north ans south of rivers. trading with neighboring tribes. they can be also known as the canoe people, the people of the cedar tree. the quinault indian reservation 208,150 acres with glistening lakes and 23 miles of untouched pacific coastline. THEY WERE EXCELLENT at fishing (salmon and steelhead), hunting, berry picking and also wood gathering. they first made contact with american settlers in 1775. white trappers, tradersand settlers began to locate the qunault in the 1820's. they were initially and helped the white settlers but the increase of settlers soon caused friction. soon they were asked to sign a treatythat said they would give up most of the coastal area. later a new treaty was formed that let them have 10,000 acres around the village of taholah.
What is zumiez?
What is microsoft?
it first started wth paul allen and bill gates partnership in 1975. Also it involved steve ballmer from standford who was hired by both of them to work at he company. In 1985 was they released windows 1.0. that was the beginning of the many windows that microsoft produced. 1985- 2013 microsoft mad made 9 versions of windows. currently the most recent one is the 8.1."Microsoft was the first real software company.Microsoft did put a PC on every desk and in every home." according to businessinsider.com. they changed the technology industry.

a potlatch is a special feast to celebrate marriages,births, deaths, initiations and newly assumed social positions . this feast was originally from the native american culture. There are different types of potlatches for different occasions. there is nig event potlatches, dignity potlatches and vengeance potlatches.
why were the japanese-americans relocated and how was it like in washington state?
During 1942-1945 after the pearl harbor attack,All japanese Americans had to move to relocation camps. this was all on short notice. many poeple had to sell their homes. in washington there are 14000 japanese people. the police arrested 9,000 of them. later they were sent to a assembly center in puyallup then moved to another one in idaho for permanent placement.
totem poles first started off in 1700's. a totem pole is a symbol of the northwest coast native people and also a scared object and spirit being of a tribe. they are made of wood and originated from the native AMERICANS. WHAT TOTEM POLES USUALLY USED FOR IS THEY ARE OFTEN USED AS DOORWAYS TO HOMES, A FREE STANDING POLE TO HONORS DECEASED CHEIFS. EACH POLE HAS ITS OWN STORY. Totem poles are currently in Southern Alaska, british Columbia and northern Washington.
the highlands extend from northern idaho to southern british Columbia. they are rounded mountains that elevate up to 8,000 feet and have deep valleys. the Columbia river divides into two regions.the Okanogan Highlands were covered by big ice sheets during the ice age.
zumiez first started off in 1978. the first store was located in the northgate mall in washington. zumiez was first called "above the belt".the store offers clothing, footwear ,and accesories for skateboarding, snowboarding, motorcross and surfers. currently there is 600 stores and more in the u.s. and canada.
what is fort vancouver?
in 1824 the hudson bay company founded fort vancouver. it is located on the norhtern bank of the coloumbia river. this was trading post for fur during the 19th century. accoring to www.clark.wa.gov, "A large fur trade operated here with 24 posts, six ships, and about 600 employees during peak seasons." the fort was named after george vancouver.
the ring of fire is a range of volanoes and hotspots for earthquakes. "The Ring of Fire is the name given to an area in the Pacific Ocean that has 452 volcanoes and earthquakes"according to southernoregon.org. this is located on the lands near the pacific ocean (see picture for exmple). The parts that are most active in the ring of fire is the western part of the ring. mt. st. hlens in washington was created because of the ring of fire.
aluminum for many businesses such General Engineering and Custom Industrial application.
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