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Kevin Masgrau

on 15 August 2014

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Transcript of Paris

France and its little islands
France and its Region
Different climates
1° Quick overview
2° Gastronomie
A normal French dinner
Cheese, Bread and Wine
Specialties from each Region
3° Beautiful places and famous cities
4° The French student life
What a normal dinner
looks like in France?
The Aperitive
First course : Entrée
Main course : Plat de résistance
Cheese time
Coffee, Tea and other Pastries
Alcohol, Vegetables, Bread, Ham, etc
Café or thé gourmand
Cold starter : The French salad
Hot starter
Cold meet : Tartare
Hachis Parmentier
Crêpes Bretonnes
French Fries
Choucroute from Alsace
Auvergne's Cheese
Mont Saint Michel
With cheese, ham and egg
With cheese, salmon and Herbs
With mushrooms, bacon
Using fat duck
Made of white cabbage
Baraque à Frites
Strasbourg's Cathedral
Alsacian's Village
Cidre : Apple champagne
Tatin Pie
Chocolat foam
Famous chocolate cake : Mi-cuit
Approximately more than 365 different kind of cheese in France.
" How do you want to rule a country where there is 365 different kind of cheese! "
Champagne Fields
Bottle of champagne
Bleu d'Auvergne
5 most famous cheese in Auvergne
Good place for hiking in the nature
Holidays in Nice !
A lot of activities
Party Hard
Private party
Party in the beach or the port
Catalan's Dishes
Alpes Mountains
Surfing in France : Biarritz
Canal du Midi
Catalan's Wines
Anis dried cake
Roast snails
Pa tomaquet
Banyuls Ambré
Drinking using the purro
Vineyard in the mountain
A lot of cities to surf
Canal in Toulouse
For biking
For walking
The French student way of life
1 : Student on a budget ?
2 : Work Hard , Play Hard ?
3 : Example of Toulouse
The French student
Way of life
1 : Student on a budget ?
How does it cost per month ?
Help from the government
It depends on the city !
2 : Work Hard, Play Hard ?
A normal day of studying
Societies and Clubs : Independance and responsabilities
Anima Sana In Corpore Sano
3 : Example of Toulouse
Toulouse, best student city in France
Many job placement
A lot of cultural activities during the year
How does it cost per month ?
It depends on the city !
Help from the government
A normal day of studying
Anima Sana In Corpore Sano
Toulouse, one of the best student city in France
Many job placement
Tuition fee per year:
Public University 1200-7200 RMB
Private school 24000-80000RMB
•Accommodation + electricity and gas :
3000 RMB
Flat Sharing
1600 RMB
•Private top-up healthcare:
120 RMB

360 RMB
Car pool
240 RMB
•Mobile phone:
240 RMB
1000 RMB
Free activities
6560 RMB

Extra expenses on the first month :
•Social security contribution and legal insurance: about 1800 RMB
•Deposit on the accommodation : 6000 RMB
•Purchase of furniture: 1600 RMB

From : UNEF
The main help : The CROUS (Ministry of education)
International funds : ERASMUS program
Accommodation help : APL
Special funds : Internship or student project
Education and life
629 115 Fund distributed from 800 to 4400 RMB / month
60 000 Part-time Job proposed
165 000 apartment available from 1200 to 3600 RMB/month
624 University restaurant with meal at 25 RMB
from 0 to 2240 RMB for 1 person/month
2400 RMB/month
about 2500RMB/month
Starting classes at 8 am until noon
Lunching time from noon to 2pm
Chat with friends around a coffee
Do some activities or rest
Do some sports

Classes from 2pm until 6pm
Free time
Sport activities : rugby, football, handball ...
Society or club : dance, music band, theatre ...
Dinner at 9pm with friends, alone or housemates
Go to bed at 11pm
A lot of cultural activities during the year
The FFSU :
from beginners to world championship
400 000 student registered and practicing sport
more than 45 different sports proposed
Activities made by student for everyone
Charity concert
Dancing lessons
Mountain village
Ski station
La raclette : Famous dinner with friend in the mountain
Toulouse hold famous high tech companies
CNES : Space and defense Research Lab
Thales & Astrium : Two giant companies in satellite and defense
Airbus : The plane constructor
Societies and Clubs : Independance and responsabilities
Christmas market in December
Free concert for student
Music festival each year
Interviews with companies
Saint Pierre : the place to have fun
Huge library to study at week end
Week end along the canal
Old history to discover
- 15% of student
- Low prices transportation
- The city advance you the first month of rent
- A lot of job placement
Difference in :
- Transportation cost
- Student prices in restaurant, cinema, museum, etc..
- Accomodation price
- Help from the city

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