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oscar santos

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

watch the videos
and answer the questions Why do guests ask for directions? Giving directions in a hotel As happens in strange and new places, people get disoriented and may need help finding their way, so guests may frequently ask you for directions.

They may ask directions to a restaurant in the hotel complex, the nearest restroom, or a nearby historical site.

There are a multitude of expressions that are used when asking for and giving directions. Look at the examples below. Expressions Used for Giving Directions Could you tell me how to get to (… the pool)?
How do I find (… the cafeteria)?
Pardon me, I’m lost, how do I get to (… the main lobby)?
Could you direct me to (…the beach)?
Which way do I go to get to (…the hospital)? Prepositions of place Vocabulary: Go straight
On your right/left
Turn right/left
Take the elevator
It’s about 50 meters
Cross the street
It’s in the middle of the block
It’s next to
across from
in front of
Go up/down the stairs
It’s on the third floor
It’s on the corner Dialogue on Giving Directions
Guest: Could you tell me where the Spa is?
Staff: Take this passage-way and go down the steps on your right. At the bottom of the steps there is a wooden bridge. Go over the bridge and turn right. Follow the path until you get to the Spa. It’s about40 meters from the bridge.

Guest: How do I find the Thai Thai restaurant?
Staff: Just follow the pathway to the left of the reception desk in the Andaman lobby. The walk-way will take you directly to the Thai Thai Restaurant.

Guest: Excuse me, do you know how far the beach is?
Staff: From the Bell Desk in the Andaman Lobby, turn left and follow the path on the right and go past
the pond and up the steps. From there, walk straight across the beach road, the beach will be right
in front of you. Questions

Where is the pool? Would you tell me... where ... the pool is?
Where is the nearest elevator? I was wondering... where... the nearest elevator is?
How far is Peen Station from here? Excuse me, do you know... how far...Penn Station is?

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