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Analyzing The Book Thief using Literary Theories

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Sam Meehan

on 20 July 2014

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Transcript of Analyzing The Book Thief using Literary Theories

The Book Thief takes place in Germany during World War II. The story is narrated by Death.It centers around a young girl named Liesel who lives with a foster family. In their basement they are hiding a Jewish man. Everyone around her must deal with the hardships of war. To help cope she turns to books. I chose this novel because it clearly exemplifies Marxist Theory, Historical Theory, and Feminist Theory.
The Book Thief
Historical Theory
Historical Theory is a theory that involves analyzing the historical and social circumstances during the time the book is set in.
I believe this relates to The Book Thief because as mentioned earlier it takes place during World War II.
This is a major event in history for the entire world. Many lives were lost by every country.
WWII is an integral part of the novel and all of its consequences affect the main characters directly.
Therefore Historical Theory can be applied the The Book Thief.
Feminist Theory
The Feminist Theory analyzes the differences and inequalities between men and women.
This is found in The Book Thief in many different instances.
For example, the verbal abuse Liesel receives just because she is a girl.
Also that Rosa must support her whole family by doing others laundry.
Also the severe discrimination female Jews receive, even more so then the males.
Marxist Theory
The Marxist Theory was created by Karl Marx.
His theory analyzes the different classes in society. It describes how the upper classes dictate the lower classes.
I believe this is clearly shown in The Book Thief because it takes place in Germany during World War II. That means that all of the Jews during that time were considered a "lower class".
They were discriminated against and as it is widely known, millions were murdered.
Throughout the novel the Jews in their town are taken away and their homes and stores destroyed.
Therefore the Marxist Theory is developed in this novel by comparing the Germans the "master race" and the Jews the inferior class.
By Sam Meehan
Analyzing The Book Thief using Literary Theories
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