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Order of the Solar Temple

No description

Victoria Nelson

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Order of the Solar Temple

The Order of the Solar Temple
Their Goals
Presented by Jouret in speeches)

Re-establishing the correct notions of authority and power in the world.
Affirming the primacy of the spiritual over the temporal.
Giving back to man the conscience of his dignity.
Helping humanity through its transition.
Participating in the Assumption of the Earth in its three frameworks: body, soul, and spirit.
Contributing to the union of the Churches and working towards the meeting of Christianity and Islam.
Preparing for the return of Christ in solar glory.

The Members
The Leader, Joseph Di Mambro
The Mass Suicide in 1994
Thank You! (:
Basic Information
The cult's emblem
Techniques to get Members
extensive control of information in order to limit alternatives from which members may make "choices"
group pressure
intense indoctrination into a belief system that denigrates independent critical thinking
considers the world outside the group to be threatening, evil
alternation of harshness/threats and leniency/love in order to effect compliance with the leadership’s wishes isolation from social supports pressured public confessions

People in Cults
The Kinds of People include:
the young
the middle-aged
the elderly
the wealthy or the poor
the educated or uneducated
from every ethnic and religious background.
Overall, there is no easily identifiable type of person who joins cults.

Characteristics include:
A desire to belong
Low tolerance for ambiguity
Susceptibility to trance-like states
A lack of self-confidence
A desire for spiritual meaning
Ignorance of how groups can manipulate individuals

Special Occasions
Sometimes they performed rituals and ceremonies of initiation. The ceremony was for a person or a group of persons being initiated to a higher level. In these ceremonies the members would wear robes and special jewelry. They would hold a sword which Di Mambro claimed was an original Knight’s Templar artifact that had been given to him a thousand years ago during his previous life.
Religious Practices/Beliefs
They don't mention a specific religious ritual, but..."The typical member was middle-aged and middle class Swiss and Canadian citizens"

The Order of the Solar Temple combined many Neo-Templar beliefs, with esoteric, as well as environmental concerns.

They preached the message of Apocalypse, claiming that it would come through natural disasters.

Only Solar Temple converts would escape the fate of mankind: since they were the faithful, they would be spared.

The Solar Temple devotees believed that suicide was actually salvation, and that they would really be going on a journey to a star called Sirius.
The 1994 Murders
A baby of one of the members was stabbed to death repeatedly with a wooden stake and it was believed that Di Mambro ordered the murder, because he identified the baby as the Anti-Christ described in the Bible. He believed that the Anti-Christ was born into the order to prevent Di Mambro from succeeding in his spiritual aim.

Mass suicides and murders were conducted at two villages in Switzerland, and at Morin Heights — 15 inner circle members committed suicide with poison, 30 were killed by bullets or smothering, and 8 others were killed by other causes.
This order has levels which ranked members on their devotion and their practice of the beliefs of the Order of the Solar Temple. The three levels are the following:

• The Brothers of Parvis

• The Knights of the Alliance

• The Brothers of the Ancient Times

The Brothers of Parvis were the lowest level and The Brothers of the Ancient Times were the highest level.
The Order of the Solar Temple began in 1984 and dissolved ten years later.

It was started by Luc Jouret and Joseph Di Mambro.

It formally dispersed in 1994, but many believe that there are still some groups of the Solar Temple still together and still practicing the same beliefs as when it was a real brotherhood.
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At its height in January 1989, there were 442 members. 90 were in Switzerland, 187 in France, 86 in Canada, 53 in Martinique, 16 in the United States, and 10 in Spain. However, membership was in a decline around the time of the mass suicide in 1994.

They believed that Jesus would return in the form of a solar god king.

They hoped to become a continuation of the Knight’s Templar, a 14th century military order.
Their Meeting Area
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