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Disney Trip Jada and Adell (Don't Copy)

A Magical Trip to Disney World

Leah Smith

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Disney Trip Jada and Adell (Don't Copy)

A Magical Trip To Disney
Created By Adell & Jada
Driving To Disney
From Pensacola to Disney is 453 miles, 906 miles round trip and 1100 estimated total miles.
It takes 6 hours and 14 minutes to get Disney.
The Average price for gas in the state of Florida is $3.45
There are tolls in our route that range $5.00-$6.00 in price.
It will take 55 gallons of gas to drive.
It costs $189.75 for gas.
Sub Total: about $200.00
We are going to stay at the amazing Wyndham Grand Orlando Bonnet Creek Resort.
Wyndham Grand is rated with 4 stars
Its cost $172.75 per night + $18.00 daily fee
Check-in: 4/12/14
Check-out: 4/16/14
staying 4 days and 3 nights
Sub Total: $763.00
*Free shuttle transportation included*
Theme Parks Tickets
Our Car To Travel With:
Used 2000 BMW 232.3 Roadster
Year Made: 2000
Mileage: 43,250
20 mpg.
(Not the actual model of the car)
Park Hopper ( allows you to enjoy same day access to all 4 theme parks - Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney's Animal Kingdom Park, and Disney's Hollywood Studios
$59.00/Park Hopper
$118.00/Park Hopper for two people
$354.00/Park Hopper for two people for 3 days
Deep blue seafood grille
Tesoro Cove
Black Bay Pool Bar & Grill
Bar 1521
Breakfast:$15-20.00 Daily
Lunch:$20-40 Daily at Disney
Dinner$40-50.00 Nightly
Sub Total: $440.00
Thank You
We've made it to Disney!!!
Total Cost
Wyndham Grand Bonnent Creek Resort
Driving: $2oo.oo
Lodging: + $763.00
Dining: $440.00
Tickets: $354.00

Grand Total: $1,757.00
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