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Generate Continual Revenues

No description

andres eugenio

on 21 January 2017

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Transcript of Generate Continual Revenues

Generate Revenues
by providing Epayments services
not by raising taxes.


HOW? Use of KASA Payment technology
Payments processing is outsourced to KASA
Automated 24/7 Self-serve/On-demand service

Collects transaction fees from users automatically
Residents benefit paying with KASA:
SAFER. ZERO Identity Theft
More secure and convenient than paying with cash
EASIER. NO need to open bank/card accounts
WHY would City provide E-payment services? Because ...
Cities have built-in revenue-generating assets - its' local residents and merchants
Cities can outsource this Self-serve/On-demand 24/7 epayment service to KASA
Provide service with NO IT headaches (no IT infrastructure/operations/staff)
Participating Merchants...
... will accept KASA as payments for goods and services
WHY? Because KASA is ...
instantly-spendable money, unlike checks and card payments
safer than cash. NO counterfeit. NO cash handling, safekeeping, transport costs
better than checks - NO overdraft or bounced check fees
circulates money within the community
Simpler and more affordable than bank/card accounts
NO credit checks
$1 minimum balance
A City, as ePayments Provider, issues prepaid KASA accounts to local residents,

with which they can pay local merchants:

Save merchants $805,594* in bank/card fees
EARN $889,056*
regardless of:
point-of-sale or point-of-receipt
unlike sales tax
Generates revenues of $889,056 for their city
Doing what they already do
This is what could happen IF/when 11,000 residents pay local merchants $55 a week using KASA instead of cash, checks or cards ...
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