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Tay Sacs


Abdel snayyan

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Tay Sacs

Double click anywhere & add an idea Tay sacs is a disease that develops at birth.
The affects of the disease takes place a couple of months after birth. For a child to get tay sacs
both of his parents have to carry the gene.
There is a 25% chance of that a child will have
Tay Sacs. Tay Sacs affect the Nuroigical system. Tay Sacs has many SYmptoms, Some of the symptoms are dementia, seizures, and a increase in stratle to noise. Tay Sacs makes kids blind, deaf and unable to swallow. Also the muscles stiffen and the child is paralizyed. Tays sacs are most common deignosed from people who are desecnted from eastren Europe and Askhenazi Jewish. People can identify if there child has Tay Sacs befor the symptoms show up by taking a blood-test that measures
beta-hexosaminidia A activity. They have curently have no cures for Tay Sacs. THey can only provide medical attention. h Tay-Sachs is a disease
that was discovered by
Robbi Josef in Brooklyn.
Four of his children had it.

The word Tay, from Tay-sachs comes from
the British opthamologist named warren tay
for discovring the red spot on the retina in
1881. The word Sachs in Tay-Sachs
comes from Bernard Sachs. He is
a nerologist who described the cellular
changes for tay sachs. The END!
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