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Katy Perry

Nathaly Guamàn

nathaly elizabeth

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Katy Perry

Katy Perry LIkes Nathaly Guamàn Medical Problems Fin She like listening Rock Music.
She likes skating
Katy brushing likes six times a day
Katy is fascinated with Indian culture and tradition.
Katy likes adventure, jet off weekend with friends Dislikes She doesn't like not blasphemy
She doesn't like doing exercises
She doesn't like watching horror movies.
She doesn't like playing soccer. She is too generous with childrens to consider her a good person
Sing with her is so interesting that you feel like a professional when you do it.
She is perfect enough for me to be considered the best singer in the world
Skating with her is such an privilege that makes you feel good. Abilities and Personal characteristics As a girl Katy Perry had a toothache and she Should Take a syrup
Katy Perry suffered a small respiratory disease and she Should a syrup
Katy Perry had headache and she ought to take some aspirin
Katty Perry had fever and she should put it under cold water my favorite singer is Katy Perry Katy Perry She does have much money therefore helping poor children
she is very generous, She donate some books for a school
She can give many interviews, She can speak many languages
When I'm sad listen many songs from Katy Perry and I feel much better Katy Perry`s life She sings in big concerts but she used to singing in the in church
She go out with much frequency to many parties
She drives her car slowly to avoid hitting the other cars
she shops in many stores to get the best clothes She is a very kind-hearted person.
She is a good-looking person.
She is a hard-working person.
She is always sad even when she is with her boyfriend Katy`s Personality Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson - this is the name of the singer - born in Santa Barbara, California, United States, October 25, 1984. end
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