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jacques cartier

heavan on toast

Mrs. Grandbois

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of jacques cartier

THREE EXPEDITIONS TO CANADA Fun Fact Jacques Cartier The Explorer Jacques Cartier birth date was
December 31 1491 he died in September 1557 When Jacques Cartier came
back from Canada to France
he told the king and queen
that he had found gold but
he actually found fool's
gold also known as pyrite WHY IS JACQUES
CARTIER FAMOUS Birth date By:Ethan and Colton Jacques needed to trade
for the king and
the queen of France This video is of Jacques
Cartier meeting the
Aboriginal people for the
first time. Bibliography Google images Youtube Getting dizzy? This is how you would feel
if you where sea sick. THANKS FOR WATCHING Now enjoy the comic Wikipedia = D
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