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Christina Kneitz

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Kotex

Break out of the ordinary The Bullet The Cactus The Spaceship The Football The Zeppelin The Battery The Fire extinguisher The Penguin The Big Idea Media Company overview Business Objectives Market External analysis Internal analysis The 4 P's SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats The Matroska - parent company: Kimberly-Clark Corporation

- mid 1990 purchase of Inova Ideal

-production of Kotex Tampons from then on in Czech Republic

-Kotex: Two major campaigns since then, successfully
establishing image of rebel amongst tampon brands - increase sales by 50% (within 3 months)

- create, maintain, increase brand loyalty

- increase market share ( reach onto o.b. Tampons)

- repositioning of the brand

-change consumer preferences from pads to tampons Czech Republic (Central Europe):

- Female hygiene products Tampons

- Market size: est. 2.000.000 + Czech women

- Market potential: high (economics, demographics)

- Market leaders: Johnson&Johnson (o.b.) 50%, Kimberly- Clark (Kotex) 28% - Psychographics/ Socio/ Cultural
- Demographic
- Geographic
- Technological
- Economic
- Political/ Legal - Competitor analysis:
o.b. (50%), Naturella (15%), Tampax/ Ria and others (7-10%) - Female hygiene products - product choices:
tampons by competitors, pads/ panty liners
organic products, soft-tampons and menstrual cups not common in Czech Republic - Product :
Design and Innovation

- Price:
Alignment to o.b.

- Promotion:
Advertising, PR, Consumer Promotion

- Place:
National Coverage intensive density of distribution mid 1990's end 1990's ca. 2004 - 2008 2008- 2011 2011- 2012 2013- new campaign - Packaging, design, innovation

- Established market position:
- Honest, direct, provocative

- Great start off for new campaign:
strong background

- Holding desired brand image
- 2nd best to o.b

- New campaign: higher price

- Low- involvement informational product

- TG1: might not be initial buyers - use: change in economics and product preferences

- Unique campaign and approaches
--> brand awareness, recognition, purchase

- Push progress in Czech culture (ease taboo topics) - Continues product preference for pads

- o.b. continues to be market leader

- Customers unwilling to pay more

- designs of new packaging too playful Target group 1:
The Youngsters Target group 2:
The Prime Age: 14-24
Type: modern,
youthful, lively
wants cool design
rebel/ individual age: 25-45
type: experienced,
on the edge of modernity,
will choose product for
her and her daughters,
own stable income Positioning Strategies Primary:
- new packaging!
- TV
- Print
- (Sampling) Secondary:
- Internet
- Social Media "break-through"
- Kotex Smartphone App
- Guerrilla
- Sponsorships - Packaging and Design

- Advertisement and communication approach

- Public Relations 1. Differentiation & positioning by competitor

2. Unique packaging (appealing to specific demographic)

3. Lifestyle product vs. annoying necessity

4. Pricing


6. Positioning by cultural symbol Communication Objectives
- improve/ change attitude about tampons in general

- improve attitudes towards buying tampons

- improve, develop positive brand attitude

- create, maintain, increase brand awareness

- brand purchase intention/ purchase facilitation

- emphasize benefits

-target audience exposure to advertising
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