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Commodity Cube Analysis

Class of 2009 Senior Mural

Paul Schneider

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Commodity Cube Analysis

Commodity Cube Analysis Class of 2009 Mural Economy Social Culture Sign Self Symbol Production Roles Feeling When I asked those who view the mural for their thoughts, they respond with one common word: "classic." The images portrayed in the bubbles are iconic and people of all cultures can resonate with what each resembles and how its had an impact on society. Expressive Advertising Exchange Value Alienation Traditions Codes Choosing Imagining Hawthorne High School ran ads in the local newspapers the weeks leading up the unveiling and invited the community to the Senior Show Differentiation Paint/Create-it-Yourself vs. Paying a local artist 10th year that the high school has commissioned the Art Club to create a student masterpiece to contribute to its aesthetics Collective Memories The project was entirely funded by the Board of Education. However, the countless days and weeks of labor that were poured into this project cannot be measured monetarily. This project means a great deal to myself and the other artists that championed this piece. Using our artistic abilities, the nine of us were each delegated to a specific aspect of the mural. After a certain amount of time, we would all step back from the project and survey our progress. From this point, we made any necessary changes. Organization Advisor as Manager and Students as Employees Visually it is appealing to the eye while serving two distinct meanings. One, it is a scene that passerby's can relate to with a couple traveling through a grassy meadow. The other serves a hidden meaning representing the 75 years that Hawthorne High has been in existence I feel accomplished knowing that I contributed to a project that will benefit the greater community for years to come. However, it is not a tangible item that I can take with me, so the memory and experience is what I am left walking away with This commodity was chosen in collaboration with a group of fellow classmates. We each had a vision for the final product and therefore we needed to sort through and evaluate each idea before we arrived at the final decision. I image myself enjoying this commodity by constantly reflecting on the experience that I had while producing this piece of art. Also, as well as when I visit the high school and walk past the mural, its value and importance will once again resonate with me. Others will recall my participation in this project and how beneficial and crucial my leadership and talent was throughout the process. The elements woven into the composition of the mural, from ideas to images, are expressions of our individuality and "self." Each of us took our artistic license and freedom to express ourselves while also still fulfilling the common goal and objective of the mural In comprising the ideas and sketches for the mural, we interviewed former alumni as well as current faculty and staff and asked them about their past and what events or experiences in life most greatly affected them. We took our findings, along with our own understanding of events and experiences that affected each of us and created the images depicted on the wall. Familiar The background and foreground of the mural is relative to the lives of those in the Class of 2009. That scene represents us in the current day, and the woman blowing the bubbles is reflecting on the past through the experiences of those who she has decided to surround herself with. Our life is a journey that is to be shared with others, reflecting on the past while moving ahead into the future. Denoting Targeting While keeping the goal of the mural in mind, we wanted to keep the images simple and target the mural's audience not just to a specific class, but to a greater community of people. Instrumental The images in the mural, such as Rosie the Riveter, FDR, and John Lennon, are signs that are widely used by cultural and econmic systems throughout the world. Each image, when critiqued and studied intently, represents a greater purpose and meaning which has had an adverse effect on the world
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