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Kotryna - presentation for 20 years anniversary

Kotrynas - is an international company celebrating its 20 years anniversary

Agne Adomaityte

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Kotryna - presentation for 20 years anniversary

we started our journey with the quote of Oscar Wild
"The best way to rise children - to make them happy" Kotryna - 20 years Anniversary Kotryna is an international company 1992 2003 1997 In 1992 Kotryna was born 1994 1998 2001 2002 2007 2005 2010 2011 2009 2012 Kotryna's time line 1st shop in Vilnius oldtown In 1994 was opened "Mazylio pasaulis" In 2002 Kotryna's brand
was renewed Opening 2nd Kotryna! From 1992-2001 Kotryna increased a variety of goodsby 11 brands The same year we came to
Latvian market And 1st Cipollino shop
was opened
in Lithaunia 1st Cipollino
in LV The same year - 1st the largest shop for kids in Estonia opened Meanwhile in Latvia Warehouse and office moves to new premises in former fabric manufacturing territory Before After Another important event in 2007 - Kotryna comes to Estonia :) summer event in 2008 Same year 1st Coccodrillo shop in Latvia 1st Baby City in Riga Plaza – the biggest store for babies and children till 12years. 7th store of Kotryna 1st Baby City Riga +
Internet shop Opens 1st internetshop
www.Babymarket.lv Meanwhile in Estonia 5th of
march, 2009 was an accident, Mustika Centre burned and we re-opened
BabyCity shop in July. In 2010 "Žaislu planeta"
araises in JSC "Kotryna"
brand portfolio The same year, in 2011, 1st Lego shop in Klaipeda In 2011 Kotryna OÜ bought
Jukat Eesti OÜ with 13 shops,
brands are Juku and Kaks Karu. Finally 2012!
1st Kidzone shop
opens in Kaunas In Latvia we are planning: 2nd Baby City, in t/c Azur and 1st Kidzone in t/c Spice In Estonia this year we are planning
to open 2 new shops. Future Plans: 2nd Kotrymashop In 2008 was opened 1st Chicco
shop in Vilnius our VIP member
showed up In 2011 Kotryna renovated it's Lithuanian office
for more people to have
a comfortable work place And that is how a new
warehouse looks like In 1996 1st shop "Vaiku miestas" was opened then it was called
"Baby city"after moving to a new building. In 2007 babymarket.lt
was presented Moments from "Mazylio pasaulis"
opening in 1994 TREE OF
1992 - 2001 + Continuing our history,
in 2003 1st Kotryna's
shop was opened in Latvia Kotryna Group
was growing over 20 years and here you can see its dynamics same year we
started our
in Russia year 2005 was nice and worm,
so we decided to work with more energy :) Kotryna's 10th aniversary!! 2006 was our hunting year do you know, what are we
celebrating here? :) 1992 1997 2001 2001 forest of brands
2002 - 2007 2002 2003 2005 2007 2007 2009 2009 2010 2011 so who can say,
how many brands
do we have now? Starting business
in Belarus as it looks like today
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