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Best Parachute

No description

Kevin Muniz

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Best Parachute

By: Kevin Muniz The Best Parachute Problem Hypothesis Variables Materials How does the shape of the parachute affect the falling time? If the shape of the parachute is a circle, then
the falling time will take longer. Independent: - 3 same type of paper
- ladder
- strings
- meter stick
- scissors
- 3 toy soldiers
- stopwatch
- tape Shape of the parachute Dependent: Falling time of the parachute Constants: Weight, size of the parachute,
number of strings, lenght of
strings, falling height, type of
paper, and number of strings, Procedure 1. Make 3 different shapes of parachute (circle, square, triangle).
2. Make a hole on each corner of the shape and for the circle, you make 4 holes.
3. Attach the strings to each hole to the toy soldiers (length of the string is 3 inches).
4. Measure that it is 15 feet from the floor to the top using a meter stick.
5. Use the ladder to climb and hold the parachute at 15 feet.
6. Let the first parachute go, while starting the stopwatch.
7. Record the final time when the parachute touches the floor.
8. Do it again with 3 trials.
9. Repeat steps 2-8 with the two different parachutes. Conclusion In this experiment, the question that the scientist
want to know is the shape of the parachute affect the falling time. The scientist measure the time it took
for each parachute land on the floor. For each
different shapes of parachute, 3 trials were performed.
For the circle shaped parachute, it took 3.3 seconds to land on the floor. For the square parachute, it took 2.1 seconds to land on the floor. For the triangle parachute, it took 1.6 seconds to land on the floor. Notice the circle shaped parachute took longer to land on the floor while the triangle shaped parachute took less to land on the floor. Overall, the shapes affected the falling time of the parachutes. The hypothesis was proven correct.
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