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Fastest molding foods

which out of the four foods will mold the fastest?

Bridgette Oleson

on 19 April 2012

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Transcript of Fastest molding foods

Fastest Molding Food
Bridgette Oleson

Which food type will mold the fastest,when left in the location for the same amount of time ? The four food types I choose were Banana,Milk,Bread,and cheese. Question: My hypothesis for this experiment is that the milk would grow mold the fastest.Milk is a liquid and its PH is 6.5-6.7 these two factors support mold growth. Hypothesis:

Materials: 1. 2 peeled bananas
2. 2 slice of 100% whole wheat bread.
3. 2 and 1 half cup of skim milk.
4. Mild cheddar cheese.
5. 8 plastic containers with lids.
6. A Knife.
7. A camera.
8. Dark room 62 degrees for storage.
10.Notebook. 1.Prepare all samples.
2. Make sure they are fresh.
3.Choose location(I choose our storage room in the basement).
4.Put all samples into plastic containers containers.
5.Place in storage room.
6. Check and record information daily.
7. Observe for color change amount, location of mold.
8. Observe until 1st sign of mold appears.
9. Record data, with results of experiment.
10. Do experiment 2 times. Methods: Factors that affect the growth of mold. Background Info: 1.Nutrients- such as sugar.
2. Temperature- 15 degrees-30 degrees celcius.
3.Light- Some like light and some like dark.
4.Aeration-almost all requires air.
5.PH- most grow best with PH of 3-7.
6.Water- all mold requires moisture for growth. PH of food:
Milk- 6.5-6.7
Ripe Banana-6.5
Cheese- 6.5
Wheat bread-6.5 Variables: Independent Vairables
4.Banana Controlled Variables
1.Same Air
2.same temp
3.same light.
4.same moisture level.
5.same containers.
6.Same amount of time observed.
7.Amount of time container open to observe. Depnedent Variables
1.Effects due to independent variables.
2.Amount of mold.
3.Color of mold.
4.Forms islands of mold.
5.Collects around edges of containers My Hypothesis was that milk would mold faster between milk,bread,cheese, and banana.
The results indicate that this hypothesis should be rejected,because the milk didn't show signs of mold before the banana did.The cheese and the bread had just dried out when the banana started molding.Because of the results of the experiment,I wonder if the milk, bread, and cheese have perservatives in them to prevent them from molding.If I sprinkled them with water 1st and put them in a sealed container I wonder if they would have molded faster.I also wonder if I kept them in a warmer climate with more humidity how much faster the mold would have grown.
If I were to conduct this experiment again I would have to check into what perservatives were used in each of the foods. Conclusion: 1. www.humantouchofchemestry.com
5.www.moldbacteriaconsulting.com Where I got this Info:
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