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Mission Possible: Commitment and Unity in the College

Why should we develop a mission statement for the College of Liberal Arts?

Ashlea Bruno

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Mission Possible: Commitment and Unity in the College

Mission Possible: Commitment and Unity in the College Coffee and Collaboration Recap from the Shirtless Dancing Guy:
Remember the importance of nurturing your first few followers as equals.
Make everything clearly about the movement.
Be public. Be easy to follow.
Leadership is over-glorified. The first follower transformed the lone nut into a leader. There is no movement without the first follower. A mission statement describes...
Who we serve
Why--our reason for our position
What we strive to achieve Conversation Focus:
Why do we need an advising mission statement? A mission statement articulates...
Our values
Our purpose
Our direction--now and future A mission statement reflects...
Commitment Why do we need a mission statement? "Unless the mission is explicitly expressed, clearly understood, and supported by every member of the organization, the enterprise is at the mercy of events." Peter Drucker
Drucker, P. F. (2003). What is our mission? In Business leadership: A Jossey--Bass reader. San Francisco: Jossey--Bass. It guides the decisions we make about what we do and how we accomplish it. It is a vital portion of any institutional effort to restructure or revitalize academic advising. "Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have 24 hour days." Our job is to draft
a mission statement that adequately reflects academic advising in our college. Vision
Statement Mission
Statement Visionary
Helps us understand how we can contribute as Broad
Provides the umbrella for College services Realistic
Easily turned into measurable program goals Motivational
Inspires commitment & unity among us Clear & Concise
Simple enough to fit on a Tee Shirt What are the CLLA's core priorities? How should we guide our students consistently with the institutional mission? Coffee and Collaboration Through the Looking Glass: Revisiting the Vision of Advising A Spirit with a Vision
is a Dream with a Mission October 4 September 27 Realistic
Easily turned into program goals October 11 Where do we go from here? Agents of Change: Hopefully, we could have one rep. from each Dept. academic advisors Group Introductions -Department, hometown, something unique about yourself.
-How long have you advised students at in the College of L.A.?
-What brought you here today?
-What is your impression of "mission statements"?
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