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Framed by gordon korman

No description

gabriel howard

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Framed by gordon korman

Framed by gordon korman
Falling action
They found out who stole the ring and blamed
the story took place in cedarville. In a middle school.
The protagonist of the story is griffin.
The antagonist of the story is the person who stole the ring
Griffins lost his retainer
Griffin gets blamed on stealing the principles super bowl ring. Then he gets transferred to an alternative school named jfk.
Rising action
The principle found Griffins retainer
next to where the ring used to be
His mom asked him if he stole the ring just to make sure he didn't take it
Initiating event
The principle lost his Superbowl ring and he found griffins retainer where his ring used to be.
Griffin gets the blame on stealing the principles Superbowl ring and gets sent to a different school.
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