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Whitehorse Library Orientation

Middle School Library Tips

Jen Milne-Carroll

on 5 September 2017

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Transcript of Whitehorse Library Orientation

Middle School
Library Media
"To ensure students...
are effective users and producers
of ideas and information."
Library Media
Technology Specialist

Mrs. Milne-Carroll
(Mrs. MC)
Student Checkout
If you have your student id number and
no outstanding fines or books you owe...
you may check out 3 items.
Checking out books
Items are checked out for a 2 week period.
Do you owe books or fines?
Mrs. MC can help!
Sports Illustrated,
Justine, People, Ebony,
and many more!
If the magazine is in a clear cover
It's the newest edition we have -
It doesn't go out.
Students visit the library...
*with their class
*come alone with a pass from their teacher -
signing in at the desk.
Computers available for
research, catalog, class projects and typing papers
Have a Great Year
and.... Keep Reading!
With Author Terry Brooks
Library Media Center Hours
Monday-Friday 7:30-2:40
After school 2:50-3:30 most days
You may check out 3 books
Up to 2 weeks at a time
You may renew items if there is not a hold
Entering the LMC
Enter quietly.
Line up single file along both walls.
Stop at gate.
Keep hands to self.
Wait for Mrs. MC to invite you in and give
Class or Pass
Come with pass filled out.
Show Mrs. MC the pass.
Come with all necessary materials.
Students who misbehave will be sent
back to class.
LMC Rules
Respect everyone.
Respect the environment.
Respect education.
After School
After school is still school!
You MUST be signed in by 2:50.
After 2:50 you need a pass.
You need to have something specific
to do that requires library resources.
One person to a table!

Graphic Novels
Where can I find:
non fiction
nook ereader
markers/colored pencils
pencil sharpener
circulation desk
How can you be kind to books?
Finding a book...
Destiny Quest
Mrs. Milne-Carroll (Mrs.MC)
See me with any book, computer, or research question!
The Library is:
A place with resources and a librarian who will help you

Whitehorse LMC: Exciting Place to Be!
Digital Citizenship
Maker's Club!
Battle of Books!
Enjoy, responsibly.

Library Media Center Space

Quick Quiz
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