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stoichiometry stumper #1

No description

Amy Hinds

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of stoichiometry stumper #1

But it is impossible to create 25 grams of ethyl benzene with only 15 grams of benzene....
15gC6H6|1molC6H6 |1molC6H5CH3|92.134gC6H5CH3
------------ |---------------- |--------------------|----------------------
|78.108C6H6|4molC6H6 |1molC6H5CH3
g ethyl benzene

However, it IS possible to make 26 grams of di-chloro benzene(poison) with 15 grams of benzene.
15gC6H6 x 1molC6H6 x 1molC6H4Cl2 x 147gC6H4Cl2
g di-chloro benzene
So, Suzanne did not have enough benzene to create the amount of ethyl benzene she claimed to have made. But she did have enough benzene to create the same amount of di-chloro benzene that killed her husband..
Suzanne is a murderer and she poisoned her husband.
stoichiometry stumper #1
A man has been mysteriously murdered and his body contains 26 grams of di-chloro benzene(poison). The main suspect is his wife, Suzanne, who works in a chemistry lab. Suzanne purchased 15 grams of benzene(one of the main ingredients in the poison) two days before her husbands murder. She claimed to be using the benzene to create ethyl benzene for her lab. She showed us the bottle of she claims to have made and it contains 25 grams of ethyl benzene.
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