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No description

Paige Sternberg

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of LINDA ROMERO

52 year old Latina woman

Moderate Democrat

Married to Christopher Greenberg- a successful malpractice lawyer

Has two kids- a 17 year old girl and a 12 year old boy

Linda double majored in Foreign Relations and Financial Risk Management, and minored in Ethics- from Yale

Started as a Economics professor at Harvard, then pursued a Senate seat from Wisconsin

Stump Speech
Women still do not have complete control over what happens to their bodies. Abortion is a human right, and one that I will fight to protect. For minors, notifying their guardians puts thousands of young girls at risk of abuse and assault. Further, the courts definition of rape is repugnant. The use of the word “no” should always be enough, the victim should never have to forcibly fight back for the situation to be considered rape. Our rape laws are lacking and only a terrifying 3% of rapists spend a day in jail, thousands walk free, never atoning for the lives they have corrupted. The wage gap in America is great. Companies will be held responsible if pay discrimination is apparent.
We are a nation of immigrants. My immigration reforms will sensibly and respectfully reflect the needs of the great, American melting pot. First, we will legalize all undocumented citizens who can pass a background check and have no criminal record either in their home country or the U.S. We will cut back on deportations in order to reduce the stress of families fearing separation, and instead prioritize the deportation of offending migrants. In order to prevent the resurgence of criminal migrants, we will increase border patrol. We will revamp border safety by replacing detention centers with refuge centers specifically directed to aid at-risk, asylum-seeking families.
Lastly, I seek to mend the justice system, because no one is equal without equal treatment under the law. People of color make up about 30% of the American population, but make up more than 60% of the prison system. Together, we can end our history of racial bias by holding law enforcement officials accountable for their racially discriminatory practices. All research and successful drug policy show that rehabilitation should be increased. By abolishing mandatory minimum sentences, drug offenders, who make up nearly half of the prison system, will spend less time behind bars where they can do nothing but relapse, and instead spend more time receiving treatment.

Linda Romero
Your Next President

A vote for Linda Romero is a vote for equality,
for justice, and for the right to choose.

Women of all ages, people of all skin colors, will be protected and their voices will not go unheard.

There is a time when all humans, regardless of race or gender, will be treated equally, and that time is now.

Every person should be given a chance to make themselves better, to do something greater, and Linda Romero
will ensure that America's future is headed towards
the right direction

New Mexico
North Carolina
Nevada politicians are moving anti-abortion language off their platform, which directly ties into Romero's pro-choice stance

Discontinue the effort to push for an education tax

Subsidize the lack of education tax by removing cap on mining tax

Counter with a block grant to the education systems as well as a renewal in instate scholarship programs

Adjust punishment of nonviolent drug users but not execution of the law itself

Create a unified balance of federal and state powers across the U.S. in regards to law enforcement

Eliminate revenue caps on school districts

Increase government spending and financial aids for public education (the public education system in Wisconsin is struggling)

Support the environmental sustainability of the Great Lakes

Support equal employment opportunities and safety in the workplace for all people

Create a federally-funded “safety net” for people who are in between jobs (transitional jobs) and do not receive unemployment benefits

Eliminate wage discrimination of race and gender

Averages will be made per job in order to reduce or remove pay gaps
Increase regulation of business to enforce women's rights

Reduce sentence times for non violent drug abuses
and ,piggybacking on that, reduce Ohio state taxes

Polish off the differences between genders and minority races by
creating an across-the-board pay raise for women and minorities

Protect home ownership

Support equal pay for equal work

Support the expansion of small businesses, especially those owned and run by women and minorities

Support policies that enable small businesses to bid on federal contracts

Support investments in creation of alternative energy sources

Support the push for an “Equal Rights Amendment” that secures gender equality in society and in the workplace

Support the creation of a New Energy Policy (less reliance on foreign resources)

Loosen voter identification restrictions

Mandate a new set of block grants dedicated to
the North Carolina education system

Not require the renewal of voter id every year for elections

The block grant will be issued to aid the availability of University enrollments

Stimulate scholarship programs to help minorities

Demonstrate pro-choice

Demonstrate intent to initiate equal work for equal pay

Closing of wage gap between men and women

Job expansion into new markets (protect and encourage small businesses)

The reduced amount of minor drug-offenders imprisoned will reduce monetary stress on the state, and the money can go into programs for the elderly (15% of Florida residents 65+)

Equal opportunity of employment for all people

Support the “New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence,”
seek to eradicate violence in home environments

Integrate immigrants into society and the workplace
easier with less strict laws and penalties

Expanding natural energy

Support New Mexico’s Earth First initiative, a set of
environmental standards that they request the government enacts

(In Earth First) Offer businesses incentives for making
environmentally-friendly changes

Encourage expansion of small businesses

Devise stricter code for teacher evaluation

Create harsher, longer punishment for sexual abuse crimes of minors

Revise the punishment especially for repeat sexual offenders and
allow past evidence to alter the sentencing of repeat offenders

Repeal budget restriction to increase state fiscal policy as a boost to the economy

Reset standards for teacher pay as influence for higher performance

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