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Assessment 2A Online Group 16, Small group 1

Alia Bayaca

on 13 September 2014

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Transcript of Tourism

Reference List:

Assignment 2A - COM10003
- The Thai people are genuine and friendly people
that love cooking tasty food.
- A typical Thailand meal includes four main seasonings such as salty, sweet, sour, and spicy.
- The main meals that people typically order when eating Thai are noodles, seafood, vegetables and meat dishes.
(Thai food and culture, 2014):
- The Baiyoike Tower in Bangkok is the tallest
building in Thailand.
-It has 84 floors, with a sky walk on the 77Th floor and a observation deck that is located on the 84Th floor.
(Baiyoke Tower in Bangkok, Bangkok highest rooftop and Thailand Tallest Building ,2014)
National Sport
- Thailand's national sport is called Muay Thai.
- It is a style of body combat using their hands, feet, elbows and feet.
- Muay Thai was taught at schools until the 1920's, but with the serious injuries and brain damages it caused the government was forced to prohibit the sport at all schools.
(Muay Thai n.d., 2014)
The following information is obtained from Greeka (2014):

- Palace of Knossos: dating 27th-15th century B.C.

- Treasury of Atreus: dating 1600 to 1200B.C.

- Temple of Parthenon: constructed between 447-438 B.C.

- Arch of Hadrian: built in 132 A.D.

- 95 per cent of the Thailand population is Buddhist. Which is why the country has so many temples.
- In Thai they are called "Wats"
- The Wat Arun is found in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand.
- Construction began on the towers "phra prang" in 1809-1824 by king Romall II, and completed in 1824-1851 by King Romall III.
(CNN Travel 7 Best Bangkok Temples, nd., 2014):
National Sport
The International Olympic Committee states that Greece founded the ancient Olympic Games, recorded as far back as 776 B.C. (International Olympic Committee [IOC], 2014).

More recent achievements in sport have been identified by Wood (2014), which include:

- Soccer: 2004 UEFA European football champions.

- Athletics: origin of the Olympic Games, first recorded in776 B.C..

- Basketball: winners 1987-2005 European champions.

This presentation provides tourism information on attractions, sports, cuisine, and prominent buildings. It is a collaborative effort and the information we presented are from reliable sources. Enjoy a quick tour around the world to the countries of Greece, Thailand and Brazil.

- Some of the prominent buildings are dedicated to religious worship.
-Cristo Redentor is the famous statue of Jesus in Rio de Janeiro and is a popular topic of tourist weblogs (Christ the Redeemer Statue, Rio de Janeiro, 2014, para. 9).
- The Metropolitan Cathedral located in Brasilia features modern architecture and resembles hands opened up in supplication (Keet, 2014a).

- Brazil hosted the 2014 FIFA World Cup and will be hosting the 2016 Olympics.
- The most popular sports in the country are football and volleyball. A combination of these sports is called Footvolley and is popular in the beaches of Brazil (Keet, 2014, b para. 5).

Top 10 recommended attractions (Touropia, 2014):

- Santorini: Volcanic island.

- Parthenon, Acropolis: Temple.

- Mykonos: Island.

- Meteora: Several monasteries built on rock pillars.

- Delphi Theatre: 4th century.

- Myrtos Beach: Turquoise and blue water lap the shores of smooth white marble pebbles.

- Samaria Gorge: 16km walking track.

-Lindos: Medieval village.

- Mystras: Abandoned capital city.

- Mount Athos: Monasteries.

Popular dishes include: moussaka, souvlaki and
Greek salad.

The first cookbook in history was by the Greek - Archestratos, dated 330 B.C. (Greek National Tourism Organisation, 2014).

Baiyoke Tower in Bankok, Bangkok highest rooftop and Thailand Tallest Building. (n.d.). Retrieved 23/08/14. Retrieved from http://www.bangkok.com/attraction/baiyoke-tower-II.htm

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History. (n.d.). Retrieved 23/08/14 Retrieved from http://wwwmuaythai.com.au/history/

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Keet, A. (2014a) Famous Churches of Brazil. Retrieved 26/08/14/ Retrieved from http://www.brazil.org.za/famous-churches-of-brazil.html#.U_3nG_mSwTh

Keet, A. (2014b) Brazil Sports. Retrieved 21/08/14. Retrieved from http://www.brazil.org.za/brazil-sports.html#.U_84GPmSwTh

Metzger, M. J. (2007). Making sense of credibility on the web: models for evaluating online information and recommendations for future research. Journal of the American society for information science & Technology, 58
(13), 2078-2091

Muay Thai (n.d): Retrieved 24/08/14.. Retrieved from http://www.muaythai.com.au/history/

Thai Food And Culture. (n.d). Retrieved 25/08/14. Retrieved from http://thaifood.about.com/od/thaifoodandculture/a/foodculture.htm

Topend Sports (2014). Sport in Greece. Retrieved from http://www.topendsports.com/

Touropia (2014, April 11). Ten top tourist attractions in Greece [Blog post]. Retrieved from http://www.touropia.com/tourist-attractions-in-greece/

- Bradley Harvey listed a few Brazilian staples including the Caipirinha, considered to be Brazil’s national cocktail, made from lime, cachaça (sugar cane brandy) and sugar (Harvey, n.d., para. 1) .
- Another favourite Brazilian street food are deep fried chicken drumettes called Coxinhas (Harvey, n.d., para 3).
- Tourists flock to Brazil in time for Carnaval. A famous event is Rio de Janeiro’s Samba parades held at the Sambadrome (Brazil Carnaval, n.d., para 4).
- Visitors can also have a glimpse of the Amazon rainforest by booking tours in the Central Amazon Conservation Complex (Central Amazon, n.d., para 9).
National Sport
presented by Daniela Sencion
presented by Katherine Nitsios
presented by Alia Bayaca

During this presentation we utilised social media by having collaborated by Facebook chats and our own group Wiki. We have maintained in contact through these sources everyday to every second day. The collaboration between three of our members has been consistent and enjoyable.

We have also provided a credibility criteria for our references. We checked a site's authority, accuracy, objectivity, currency, coverage and impression.
Reference List Credibility Checklist
All information contained within this presentation was sourced online, using combined knowledge obtained from Metzger (2007). All group members critically evaluated sources for credibility and quality using the same checklist, which included checks relating to: authority (author and contact details), currency (how new is the information), coverage (accuracy and objectivity), impression (professionalism of overall site, include ease of navigation) and corroboration (numerous sources, similar content).
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