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Guy Paul Morin

No description

sali moieldin

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Guy Paul Morin

Guy Paul Morin
What is one mistake the police made?
How much money was he given?
What exonerated him from prison?
Third Trial
- During his third trial, the Ontario Center of Forensic Science had found new evidence, and that evidence was not available during the first 2 trials to either of the parties.
-They had found traces of semen that was not a match to the DNA of Guy Paul Morin. Morin was set free in 1995.

First Trial

Miscarriage of Justice:
-justice system was unprofessional
-exonerated in January 1995 from DNA evidence
-former Quebec Appeal Court Judge Fred Kaufman, head of judicial inquiry into the miscarriage of justice, declared Morin guilty “beyond a shadow of doubt”
-Guy sat silently and looked straight ahead during investigation which was believed to be “suspicious behavior” , police assumed Guy was guilty because he was guilty of “being weird”
-dog handler reported that the police dog noted something of interest by placing his paws on Guy’s passenger side window of his car
-during Guy’s first interview with the police, they lost 45 minutes of the recording
-a profile came into the police station to make a sketch of the suspect, which did not fit Guy’s aspects, the police then tampered with it and published it into the paper to intimidate Guy and get a confession
-police also tampered with other evidence such as a notebook and cigarette butts
-at the second trial the defense asked to see the thrown out cigarette butt, but the police claimed they had lost it but then later found it under the box flap - evidence had been thrown out

Second Trial
-On July 23, 1992, Morin was found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.
-To this jury, the evidence and testimony of “Mr. X” were more favorable.
-Guy Paul Morin was sent to jail as a “child killer”. He suffered from rape, and abuse from his inmates, at this time, his defense was working to get him a third trial.

History of the Crime
Christine Jessop, a nine-year-old girl who lived in Queensville, Ontario, was dropped off by her school bus at home on the 3 Oct 1984. Her mom came home and found her missing but only her school bag left in the kitchen. She went out around the neighborhood asking and looking for her, later that night they called the police. A search team went out looking for Christine Jessop.
On 31 December 1984 her body was found on Ravenshoe Road approximately 56km from her home. Determined that her body had been lying in a ditch beside the road for between three and four months.
Police Investigation
Guy Paul Morin was the neighbor of the Jossep family and was said to be "weird" by the other neighbors considering he has never got in trouble with the police. His mom got interviewed by the police and they said his behavior was odd "Guy Paul sat silently and looked straight ahead during that time" . The dog handler also reported that the police dog had placed its paws on the passenger side window of Guy Paul's car which brought interest to the case. A search later brought up that the fibers found in his car were the same that were on Christine.
Further Outcomes:

-married in 1995
-started a family
-pursued a career as a piano tuner
-received a settlement of 1.25 million Canadian dollars to compensate time he lost after spending 18 months in prison and having charges hang over him for more than 10 years
-set up his own business as a handyman

-The first trial took place in January of 1986.
-The prosecution thought that Guy Paul Morin was an “oddball” who snapped the day he allegedly abducted Christine. Then raped and murdered her then took her body to dispose of it.
- A technician from the Ontario Center of Forensic Sciences testified. He claimed that red fibres that were found in Morin’s car came from one of Christine’s sweaters.
-Another man that was in jail with Morin as he waited for his trial, known as Mr.X, testified that Morin confessed to killing Christine.
-On February 7, Morin was acquitted due to the fact that the court believed that there was not enough evidence.
-The prosecution appealed for a new trial and won.

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