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a heart of fear.

No description

Stephen Johns

on 16 November 2014

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Transcript of a heart of fear.

Mark 14:27-31
The Prophecy
"You will all be offended"
"Because of Me"
"It is written"
Zechariah 13:7

"Awake, O sword, against my shepherd, against the man who stands next to me," declares the LORD of hosts. "Strike the shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered; I will turn my hand against the little ones."
The Pride
The Purpose
Blind to his own heart
Confronting a proud person
Their refusal to believe
The Goal of Satan
The Goal of God
Luke 22:31-34

“31 Simon, Simon, behold, Satan demanded to have you, that he might sift you like wheat, 32 but I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned again, strengthen your brothers.” 33 Peter said to him, “Lord, I am ready to go with you both to prison and to death.” 34 Jesus said, “I tell you, Peter, the rooster will not crow this day, until you deny three times that you know me"
Mark 4:16-17

"And these are the ones sown on rocky ground:the ones who, when they hear the word, immediately receive it with joy. And they have no root in themselves, but endure for a while; then, when tribulation or persecution arises on account of the word, immediately they fall away."
To Open Their Eyes
To Purify Them
Zechariah 13:9

"And I will put this third into the fire,
and refine them as one refines silver,
and test them as gold is tested"
To Make Christ Big
Acts 5:40-42

"40 and when they had called in the apostles, they beat them and charged them not to speak in the name of Jesus, and let them go. 41 Then they left the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer dishonor for the name. 42 And every day, in the temple and from house to house, they did not cease teaching and preaching that the Christ is Jesus"
Honesty about being transformed, even through our sin, makes our sanctification about His work and not our effort
Persistence in the faith, even in the midst of our sinfulness, magnifies the object of our faith
Making Christ BIG
Gradual, ongoing, long-term sanctification magnifies the love and patience of Christ in the Gospel.
Dependance on Christ in our sinfulness communicates that His greatest desire for us now is not perfection but an increasingly intimate relationship with Him.

a heart of fear
Zechariah 13:9b

"They will call upon my name,

and I will answer them.
I will say, ‘They are my people’;

and they will say, ‘The Lord is my God"
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