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Computer Ethics Presentation

Final Project alternative to game

Lauren Griffin

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Computer Ethics Presentation

Most Vulnerable Ages 20-30 14-20 under 13 snap it, tweet it, share it 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c With that being said... Social media provides outlets not only for
communication with people from other
cities, states, or even countries, but it
provides an outlet for self expression and
even recruitment...
if USED CORRECTLY, these social medias
can help, not hurt us, we just need to
educate people enough so that they know
to BE CAREFUL! What to Do in case of... Profanities on your page: delete them

Inappropriate pictures, no matter the
degree: call the person and ask them to
delete it from their album, better safe
than sorry

Bullying: block the person first, if that
doesn't work, talk to them directly or if
all else fails, talk to the school

Past accounts: delete delete delete Tinder Almost like online dating, but is
increasingly appealing to teens FACEBOOK 40% of profiles are fake Twitter know that it makes your private
conversations publicly viewable Instagram turn privacy ON in order of least to most Parental Awareness You Tube OBSCENE COMMENTS Computer Ethics How to do it Right Virus' are often contained in the Ads Hacking Facebook sells your info to third parties COLLEGE ADMISSIONS CAN SEE YOUR PROFILE once you post it, it's always there stats from cbs.news unexpected charges personal info disclosure!! future jobs. do NOT 'geotag' children under 13...no ok! don't be afraid to report
users, and block them mutual understanding supervised upkeep limitations on time picture boundaries BUT, be considerate.
be 'cool enough' that your child doesn't
get too defensive and more prone to rebel, being overly strict isn't the answer 30-senior identity theft. input your area and upload a photo if two people both 'like' each other, you can chat with your 'match' or move on would your Grandma like it?
would your employer hire you based
on your profile?
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