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Berlin Wall and Airlift

No description

Joe Talley

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Berlin Wall and Airlift

Berlin Wall/Airlift Austin, Joe, Jon The wall seperated Berlin into two sections
East Berlin was communist
West Berlin was democratic Berlin Wall
The wall was built on August 13, 1961
The first wall was just 96 miles of barbed wire fence Berlin Airlift
After WWII agreement to split Germany int four sections
One for France, U.S.A, Britian and the USSR
USSR wanted to turn its part communist
They were starving the Germans and making the economy bad trying to make Germans convert
In 1974 U.S.A combined part with Britain to make Bizonia
This action helped to stabilize German economy

Soon after France joined to make Trizonia
We tried to make a currency, but the Soviets wouldn't accept it June 27th 1928 the Soviets set up a barrier to cut off all surface traffic. Instead of fighting or retreating we started an airlift to bring the east side food. May 12th 1949 the
Soviets lifted the
blockade In 1962 the Soviets made a second fence parallel to the first fence but 100 yards in
The area between the two fences was known as death strip Death strip was covered in gravel so ,footprints could be seen. It was also mined and booby trapped with trip wires. It offered a clear view of fire to the guards. Gaurds were ordered to shoot on site. In 1965 they made the most famous concrete wall
It was made of 45,000 seperate sections of reinforced concrete
The wall was 3.6 meters high and 1.5 meters wide
It was topped with smooth pipe to make it difficult to scale Despite the security measures there was about 5,000 escape attempts
About 100 people were shot dead
The most famous death was Peter Fetcher. He was 18 years old when he got shot in the hip and was left to die in no mans land Different escapes:
Jumping from buildings
Wetzel and Strlzyck floated using a hot air balloon
A citizen drove a convertable under a barrier at a checkpoint Evening of November 9th 1989
Gunther Schabowski minister of propaganda read a note at a press conference that the border would be open for private trips. The news spread like wild fire and thousands of people gathered at checkpoints...the wall had fallen. The wall itself physically fell down October 3rd, 1990. Bibliography

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