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Prezibase Designs

on 1 February 2015

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Fundraising Event Management
with Michelle French
Fundraising Event Management Fundamentals
Thank you
With strategic messaging and event execution,
fundraising events can have both soul and profit
the Instructor
A few notes about me…..

Michelle French
Why Use Events for Fundraising

not Superfluous
When Events
Make Sense
+Attracting a new segment of guests
- Declining Attendance and/or Revenue
Strategies in Place to
Implement An Event
A Matrix to Evaluate an Event
Decide your impact factors and put them along the top
Adapting “matrix mapping” in which the financial profitability and mission impact are assessed – a model proposed in the book “Nonprofit Sustainability: Making Strategic Decisions for Financial Viability”, authors Jeanne Bell, Jan Masaoka and Steve Zimmerman – may also serve evaluating events as well.
Event Matrix
Charting the Results
Charting the Results
Event Considerations
Processes (Registration)
Event Task Force
Measuring Success
Welcome Back!
A Brief Summary:

The Psychology of
Why Donors Give
Donors Give
Why Donors Give
What Corporate
Sponsors Look For
A Banner isn’t enough
What Corporate
Sponsors Look For
Why Volunteers Participate
Converting Attendees
into Evangelists
As Alex Pentland states in his book, “Social Physics: How Good Ideas Spread – the Lessons from a New Science” :

“The key insights obtained with social physics all have to do with the flow of ideas between people.”

Converting Attendees
into Evangelists
Overall budget
Goals & objectives
Measurement of event
Advocate for yourself, your event
Demonstrate how benefit events fit into an overall fundraising model
Consider the event components to begin planning for your team
Set specific and measurable goals to each of the Impact Factors
Determine the Impact Factors that you will influence
Decide that it will be an event of the highest quality
Have in mind why you are interested in hosting a fundraising event…
Overview:Types of Events

Sunday Sol Events
Huntington Beach, CA
Vendor Qualification
Highlighted Areas of the Event
Staffing & Volunteers
Timelines and Diagram
-To help
-See a need in the community
-Know someone served or helped
-To meet critical, basic needs
-A request for money was made
-To bring about a desired impact or result
-A belief that those with more should help those with less
-To give back to society
Why Donors Give
Americans gave $335.17 Billon in 2013
Why this is Great!
5% Corporations
15% Foundations
8% Bequests
72% was individual giving
Where the money came from in 2013
Average the impact factors for the “Mission Impact Score”
Give a value to each impact factor, based on the event
List your events down the rows
Sponsor Packet
Unique Opportunities
Engagement with guests
+A Cultivation and follow-up plan can be implemented
+Connecting in the Community
+Revenue Opportunity
+ Way to re-engage past donors
-Event has Peaked
-Too many competing events within the same organization
Walk A Mile In
Their Shoes
Have guests experience what your constituents go through
Creates a narrative for them to share virally.
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